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MGDawgNovember 7, 2012

Hi everybody,

IâÂÂm looking at purchasing some recessed housings for an upcoming new construction - located in Canada. IâÂÂm planning on using EcoSmart/Cree CR4 bulbs for much of the house. However, IâÂÂd like the option of not going to LED for the whole house straightaway (maybe opting for a few CFLâÂÂs here and there to hold me over budget wise). I donâÂÂt know what other models are readily available, but it seems that Halo 4â cans are well liked on this forum. With this in mind, HomeDepot lists two models that IâÂÂm having difficulty finding the differences with⦠can you help out?

HereâÂÂs what IâÂÂm looking at:

1 - Halo T24 New Construction 4â LED recessed housing (Model: H995ICAT)



2 - Halo Air-Tite 4 (Model: H99ICAT)



Would #1 be okay for CFL use as well, or is it strictly LEDs? I might end up getting all LEDs after all, but without knowing yet, what else is causing the $6 per can difference in price.


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The first has a 2 pin connector for the Halo 4" LED light. If you want to use CFL, you need to use a screw in CFL, get an adapter and some means to hold the bulb in place. The lifespan of the CFL will be shortened as the electronic ballast will be running at ~ 60+ degrees centigrade .

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So, with the first one I would then require the GU24 version of the EcoSmart light, correct?

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>>So, with the first one I would then require the GU24 version of the EcoSmart light, correct?

As far as I can see, the H995IACT uses a proprietary connector, to go with its own LEDs. That doesn't match up with GU24 connections.

No, it doesn't seem that you can use it with CFL.

What sort of restriction on what you can install do you have there in Canada? Are you kept from installing lights with screw-in Edison sockets?

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There are no restrictions at this time - only thing is from a standards point of view, all fixtures must be CSA (and/or) cUL approved. I'm just looking for the most cost effective solution for using the EcoSmart/Cree CR4's.

Planning on doing some cross border shopping around Black Friday, so was hoping to be able to pick up a bunch of these (both the housings and the lights).

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If you are not subject to title 24 style restrictions, pick the E26 base.

The H995ICAT can be adapted to use a GU24 base, but unless the whip adapter comes with the lamp, it probably is too much of a hassle.

Depending on the store location, you may be able to get significant discounts for the CR4 lamps.

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What do you mean when you say depending on store location, discounts might be had. You mean that there are better sources than Home Depot or that country-wide, Home Depot prices may vary on the same product? (For the record, I'd be purchasing in upstate NY, near Syracuse).

Also, I see that Polar Ray has the All-Pro 4" Inch Housing - EI400ATSB for around $13. It is listed on Cree's website as compatible with the CR4. Is there anything about it that makes it less desirable than the Halo cans? I can't seem to find out whether it's CSA approved or not.

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The pricing varies from HD store to HD store. For example NY HD stores sell the CR6 for less than in Santa Clara CA.

They should be very similar, being manufactured by Cooper Industries.

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For a decently priced housing for the GU24 Ecosmart 575 (CR4), I went with the Elco EL99ICA-G24 (about $19 online). It is also IC and airtight.

If you don't have to satisfy Title 24, then I agree, go with the Edison base and the Halo H99ICAT. The lamps themselves are slightly cheaper with the Edison base compared to the GU24 as well (approx. $5 per lamp).

For the record, I've used both the Halo H99ICAT & Edison Ecosmart 575L combination as well as the Elco EL99ICA-G24 & Ecosmart 575L-GU24 in my home.

Definitely look around for pricing. The Halo H99ICAT you probably won't find cheaper than HD. The lamps can sometimes be had cheaper - check Amazon for 8 or 12 packs (depending on how many lamps you need). Just yesterday I saw a 8 pack of Ecosmart 4-575L (edison) for $260, which is $32.50 per lamp. Didn't look into whether the seller is reputable, but that's a nice deal.

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Do not assume that a 4" Cree light will fit a 4" housing; you may have to use a 5" housing. Buy one and try it first.

In the short run I doubt you will save much money with this approach and in the long run you will spend more money.

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Renovator - Cree has published a list of compatible housings for their CR4 light. I have it linked below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cree CR4 compatible housings

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Unless you have small hands, I recommend getting a housing that doesn't have the socket attached to the top -- rather get one with adjustable position, which will have a bit of cord between the socket and the can. I had slight difficulty getting a GU24 CR4 in the type of can with the socket screwed to the top. 1/2" shorter line on the CR4 and I could not have done it. My wife (smaller hands) had less trouble.

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I am no lighting expert so I need your help.

Does the Elco EL99ICA-G24 (live4ever's recommendation) have the socket attached to the top and was/is there any installation problem with the Elco EL99ICA-G24 and the "shorter line" on the CR4-575L-GU24 that attofarad says can be an issue for installers with larger hands?

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As you can see in the attached spec, the socket is mounted on a bracket, which is held to the can by a couple of wing nuts. The bracket can be adjusted up and down, which could be handy with different lengths of CFL.

The adjustment means that there is some extra wire to the socket, so easy to install a CR4.

For installing the CR4/CR6 in the cans, it is usually easiest to first remove/discard the bracket (take off wing nuts, pop the socket out of the bracket). Then just connect the LED to the connector, pivot out the "arms", and push into place.

Here is a link that might be useful: Elco spec pdf

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If I remove the bracket+wing nuts, then the connector is just dangling which makes me a little nervous. But I can't install the CR6 in the can without doing that. I suppose the arms holding the CR6 in place is to going to make sure that there isn't any undue pressure on the connector.

Does your house have the same issue as well? I believe my GC installed the 6" HALO ICAT housing from Home Depot.

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There should not be any tension on the wire/connector when the CR6 or CR4 is shoved into the can. I have both Edison and GU24 cans done this way, ~40 in my house and 12 in my wife's house. I have a big box of brackets and incandescents (going to put them back in and take my LEDs when we sell the wife's house).

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Does anyone know if Cree has a publication of compatible housings for the CR6?

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As long as the can has the min internal measurements published By Cree and is not a cfl can with a built in ballast, it can be easily used.

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There are many options of best CR4 are available in different light store and bulb store. Both CR4 and LED bulbs are good for your home but why don't you try vocca lights in some of the area of your new house they are cost effective and it has feature of smart, switch, automatic lighting. You will never go back once you use the vocca, in these modern world everything we are using are having some specific features, vocca is also unique by its voice recognization technique.

Here is a link that might be useful: Voice Activated Bulb

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