Repair or not repair Maytag dryer?

marvelousmarvinDecember 20, 2012

My Maytag gas dryer, model # SDGG2606AWW, doesn't work anymore- the drum turns but it doesn't heat up anymore.

When I bought it four or five years or maybe even longer, I bought it because of Maytag's reputation for reliability. But, since then, I've learned about the roller coaster for Maytag's quality- it used to be considered good, but then took a bad dip, and is now improving again under new ownership.

Does anybody know if my dryer was built during that period when Maytag's quality suffered? That will determine whether or not I repair the dryer or not. I'm not going to repair a lemon that's just going to be keep breaking down again and again.

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I don't find a model SDGG2606AWW, but I do find SDG2606AWW.

Gas dryers are outside my experience, but a non-heat situation when the unit still otherwise runs probably is related to the gas burner. Could be a bad igniter, flame sensor, or gas valve. There are two different burner assemblies for this model, depending on whether the unit in question is Series 16 or not. Parts are available for both types.

Dryers are much more mechanically simple than washers, although gas models are a little more complex than electric. I would have it repaired.

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Most likely the issue will be the glow bar igniter or a gas valve coil. Both are easy for the tech to repair.

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My bad, I meant to type model SDG2606AWW.

However, now that I think about it, I wonder if the dryer had already been having issues that I didn't notice. I purchased a matching washer and dryer years ago, and the washer broke down a year ago.

So, I got one of those high efficiency washers to replace it but I never noticed any reduction in drying time with the dryer. It still took more than 1 cycle to dry those clothes.

Is that a sign that it could be something more serious and complicated than a glow bar igniter or gas valve coil?

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Would you recommend getting a repairman from Maytag take a look at it, or can any handyman fix something like that?

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Check with someone on to see if someone has a solution to your problem.

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