Help please with drapery snap tape (ripplefold)

legrabJanuary 4, 2013

Does anyone have experience with ripplefold draperies? I hope to do my own draperies using some pretty good quality linen fabric that I found at Calico Corner. I THINK I can figure out how to manage the technique of the rods, carriers and snap tape okay; I am uncertain about whether this type of system works with all types of fabric - or am I limited to lighter weight fabric. My room is long and narrow. The long wall - where the draperies will go - is nearly all glass, and my intention is to have the draperies stack back as far as possible so as to preserve as much light as I can, while still offering the option of providing some insulation in the winter. The linen panels are lined - and reasonably heavy, but they hang nicely. Thanks so much if you can help!

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It is not limited to very lightweight fabrics. I did a project of three rooms of floor to ceiling wall to wall shears and drapery and I would call the drapery mid-weight fabric:

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Thanks for your photos and sharing your insights. A further questions - can you tell me how to sew the tape to the top of the panels? I cannot seem to find any instructions on how that should go....does the stitching go through all thicknesses, and show on the front of the drape? Will there be one line of stitching showing - or two (top and bottom of the tape)? Do these questions make any sense? I know what I'm trying to get at, but am having trouble with words a little bit.

Your bedroom panels look terrific!

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These were made in a workroom, so I don't know for sure but I think there were two lines of stitching showing (top and bottom of tape). These were not lined since the fabric had a slightly open weave. The tape was definitely apparent at the top of the sheers--not in a bad way. I can't give you more details because these were drapes I spec'd for a client several years ago.

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I've never made or had this type of drape, but I think they look great.
From this photo on Houzz, It looks like there is a stitch along the top and the bottom of the tape. On this site it says "If you are using heavy drapes or heavy lining, make sure your track is designed for heavy-duty use".

Traditional Bedroom design by Ottawa Window Coverings Heather Williamson

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