LED undercabinet lights flashing on and off

igarvinNovember 24, 2010

My husband decided to try out some LED lights and we purchased them from elemental LED (he is still waiting for a call back but I want to get a bit more help here - I'm a bit impatient and your FAQs are really good but nothing mentions are our problem)

We purchased two 24â³ long Waterproof LED bars, one under each of our wall cabinets - no dimmer


We originally bought an underpowered driver (6W) so they flashed then. We emailed the company and they responded we needed a 10W (if my DH would just read these forums,ugh!) so now we have 40% past capacity available, right? Well, we hooked them up. Everything seemed good but yesterday after 10 minutes, they started to flash again.

We disconnected them from one another and tested each of them separate. They each worked independently just fine. Once we hooked them back up together, they started to flash on and off at the same rate.

What could be our problem?

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10W still sounds undersized for 2 -24 inch bars. Usually you are supposed to stay at about 20% under capacity so a 10 watt driver should support 8 watts. Most LED bars I've seen require about 3 watts per ft, so thats about 12watts for 28 inches and would call for a driver of at least 15 watts. But I'm no expert....

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I've read so many capacity things (the thread here says 10%, they said 15%) the company called us back and are sending us the 20W (free) and testing our setup.

You may be no expert but there are some common calculations amongst it and I think you're right. Based on your calculation and a few other items I've read, the 20W should be good to go then. We'll find out next week. Thanks for your input - much appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving to you

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How did the ElementalLEDs end up working for you?
I saw a post of a picture od really interesting lighting but the person who posted doesnt have an email...have you ever seen this before?

Not sure this is going to paste so you can see it?


Here is a link that might be useful: http://s979.photobucket.com/albums/ae280/cflaherty5268/ideas%20for%20kitchen/?action=view&current=f1dbd44e.png&evt=user_media_share

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