How to plumb the dryer vent

andyhutch1947December 2, 2010

I am building a new home with a crawl space here in Missouri. Today I noticed that the dryer vent has been run up and out the roof. This distance is an easy 25 or more feet, straight up. We are presently renting a house with a crawl space and its dryer vent goes down through the floor into the crawl space and then out the foundation wall and has a PVC type cover on it. I am seeing small pieces of lint on the outside cover and was wondering if the 25' of straight up lift in the new house is too much? My GC seemed to think this was a normal install.

Opinions please!

PS I have the block checked under the Message block that says "Check here if you would like copies of follow-ups to your message emailed to you." I am not receiving any notifications when people respond to my posts. What's up?


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Always, always, always route a dryer's exhaust ducting on the shortest, straightest path that's possible. The machine should ideally be located on an outside wall for a straight-through exit.

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My vent goes straight out the wall, only a couple feet long. I have saved a lot of drying time = energy = money over the years with that setup.

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Thanks for your responses.

I talked to my GC about this today and he agreed with you guys and actually had it laid out to exhaust to the side and out, about 6-7' max. The building inspector was out looking at something else and saw the layout and said it had to go straight up because it is a gas dryer, not electric. He said it had to be 25'?? feet away from a window so the only option was to be... go straight up.

Anyone else have any input?

Just a note. The county I live in has only had a building dept for two (2) years. Before, no inspections, no control, owner beware!! I am not sure what code they are using nor do I know what experience the inspectors have but it is possible that the exhaust of a dryer is different than the exhaust of say, a, hot water heater or gas furnace. Maybe someone with a gas dryer can respond to this in how his house is vented.



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Two things:

1) Request from the Building Inspector/Building Department issuing your Building Permit a copy of the building requirements for dryer vents specific to your jurisdiction. I am not sure why your GC has not already done this? Do this as none of this makes any sense, and for future insurance purposes. Get the business card of the Building Inspector and other Building Department personnel you interface with.

2) Dryer manufacturers have specific requirement about the length of vent that they can safely handle--including horizontal runs. Check your dryer's manufacturer for said requirements. They typically include a length deduction for any elbow and will state the type of elbow, and the reduction of required length, per each type of elbow (e.g, 45, 90).

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451 F

Will do!

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I'm not in your state, I'm near Chicago, IL. But I can tell you that I'm renting a house built in 2007 which has a gas dryer & a dryer vent that goes directly out the side of the house. There is also a window maybe 5 feet away from the vent. Now that I think about it, I think I even have a bedroom window on the 2nd floor above the vent.

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