LED Desk Lamp Pandigital question about safety

lillethNovember 14, 2009

I bought a Panditial LED desk lamp, made in China, from Costo. It's a cute modern black lamp with plastic casing. I wanted it to replace old incandescent desk lamp that gets hot. I have questions about it safety. It says:

"Do not look directly into the lighting source as this may lead to vision damage or loss of sight.

Keep lamp away from combustible gas or materials.

Never place your LED lamp in direct sunlight, near direct heat source or open flame at the risk of damage or possible injury."

Are these the same warnings that would come with any type of lamp, or is there something more dangerous about LEDs ? Thanks for your advice.

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LEDs are relatively compact, so the "don't stare into the sun" warning isn't unexpected -- you'll likely see the similar on the old "high-intensity" lights, as well as more contemporary halogen and Xenon lighting.

"Never place your LED lamp in direct sunlight" just seems bizarre -- then again, you did just buy a low-bid imported product that had to steal, I mean translate, the manual from somewhere.

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