Can you help me plan dining/kitchen lighting?

frenchmanNovember 21, 2009


My kitchen plan is as follows:

I am thinking of putting, in addition to under cabinet lighting, and maybe a bit of upper (I can't go all the way to the ceiling with the horiz cabs), the following:

- Some recessed lighting in kitchen,

- Some recessed lighting in dining room, on the top side in that picture.

I am thinking 4" cans (4 in dining side, 3 in kitchen). I have one 6" here and there right now, but lso have 92" ceilings and think the 6" might be too big (mine are not fully recessed either---the bulb shows---which makes them look bigger).

Above the table, I'd put either more recessed or (my preference) a couple pendant.

And then I probably need something on top of both sides of the wall behind the range.

Does that make sense? Would you recommend something else? (It's the first time ever I think about lighting.)

Thanks for any help.

YA - Overwhelmed by this "simple kitchen remodel."

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The drawing appears to be a lower cabinet diagram and is difficult to understand. You need the original architectural drawing showing counters, upper cabinets and trimmed openings. Would the table really be that close to the wall? Be sure before you install recessed fixed lighting.

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Sorry it is my drawing and the only one there is. On the left side is a view from above. Counters are the orange rectangles. On the right, top view is the view from the dining room into the kitchen, and bottom view is the view from the kitchen into dining/living rooms (the range wall is in between the two).

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