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dcarch7July 10, 2014

I have been traveling the past couple of weeks.

Eating out was good, but cooking in someone else's kitchen was horrible. Dull knives and lack of seasonings, couldn't find tools to use -----.

So back cooking in my own kitchen is a pleasure.


shrimps, fiddlehead fern, chanterelle mushrooms

Stuffed boneless wings

snapper, chanterelle mushrooms, white asparagus

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I really should know better than to open your posts at night.
Now my screen and keyboard are all slobbery.
And I'm too tired to clean them tonight.

All look delicious, and that first dish, especially,
has visions of gastronomic delights
dancing through my head.

Ah-h-h-h-h, savory dreams. . . . ..


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I haven't been here at the cooking forum for quite a while... just to busy, and then on a long bicycle tour.

Sure missed your pictures.

Now, I am back to drooling. :)



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Beautiful food. Thank you for sharing. Love the idea of the stuffed wings!

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LOL, they didn't have any tools. I can't imagine "anyone" stocking the tools you would use in your kitchen DC!
Your style of cooking really reminds me of Heston Blumenthal.

I like your stuffed wings too. What are they stuffed with?
I love bok choy and yours looks delicious.

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Thank you everyone. Really in someone else's kitchen is worst than sleeping in a stranger's bad. :-)

Chicken wings are not the healthiest food. All that fatty skin and sticky sweet thick sauce. Making stuffed boneless wings gives you the chance to make something healthier as well as all kinds of delicious tastes. They are also more interesting to eat.

Veggies, muishrooms, etc. are what I normally stuff the wings with.


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Never thought to stuff a wing. In fact, i've never bought or cooked wings. Living in and working in NYC i get plenty at work and play functions that are catered.
Great idea to fill that void with something healthy that needs some fat/moisture.

Did you freeze the fiddleheads? Such a disappointment that my fern forest is not the edible variety...

I've given kitchen gifts for years so i have some basics when i visit. My dad over-sharpens the good knives i gave him so they are now concave at the middle area of the blade....
MIL has tiny amounts of hundreds of spices/herbs from penzey that are 10-20 yrs old. A mud sludge to get any flavor out of it. Oh well.

Restaurant meals can be a shifty, fidgety annoyance. But you were visiting Calgary and the Alberta area? Fantastic food all over that region of Canada. I was there for 6 months so i did have time to seek it out. Some of my most memorable meals ever.

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My reply never made it. :( The gist is I really like the curicues and polka dots. :) It all looks yummy. I love it when the composition is pretty and yummy looking, both.

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My husband carries a little whetstone in his overnight bag. He uses a pocket knife for everything and the whetstone comes in handy when traveling. I also think 95% of the people we visit never had their knives sharpened since they were new, so if we are helping in the kitchen he sharpens the ones we use. They are all surprised at how easy it is to sharpen with a whetstone, and probably cut themselves on the knives until they dull them again on their glass cutting boards. >>sighNancy

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I take my own knives to MILs if I'm cooking at her place. Her best knife is a "Stay-Sharp" (which doesn't really). Other ILs have good knives :-)

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Are the people you were visiting aware of your extraordinary cooking related skills? While I would welcome you into my kitchen any time, I would be intimidated but would deal with it in order to see you in action!

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Beautiful food on beautiful ROUND plates!!! YAY!!!

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sleevendog, stuffed wings take a little more work, but everyone enjoys the end result. Yes Canada has wonderful quality food everywhere. I freeze some fiddlehead fern every year because the season is so short, only a few days.

Although I am not one of those knife nuts/enthusiasts who keep their knives razor sharp, I make all my knives, and I do keep them sushi sharp. That is actually not a difficult thing to do. With good cutting habits a knife will not need sharpening often. My knives are made of D-2 tool steel. D-2 steel is meant for cutting other metals. If it can cut metal and remain sharp, imagine how long it can last cutting food.

Thanks Cathy and Ritaweeda. For this go around, round plate works because there are round elements in the use of ingredients.


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