Seeking input ASAP on lighting plan...please help!

contemporganicNovember 22, 2010

So demo just started this past Thursday...woohoo! Everything is very exciting BUT at the same time very nerve-wracking. Now every decision is actually happening and being implemented so now we are second guessing everything we decided. I hope this is normal...

In any event, new ceiling and lights are supposed to go in today and tomorrow. Please take a peek at our layout and help us figure out where to put the 6" recessed LED cans. We would like them to be well lined up with each other to avoid the swiss cheese look. (We will have UCL on the one wall with upper cabs).

1) Where should we put the cans?

2) Should there be a can light directly in front of the hood...seems off to us but how do we light the cooktop side of the kitchen when not using the cooktop/ hood lights?

3) Should the lights be put directly above the counter edge (meaning roughly 2 feet out from wall)?

4) What to do about center of kitchen...we have not yet decided exactly what shape/ size island we will have (and we would like it to be movable so we can adjust it for parties). So should the lighting plan just be centralized?

Thanks for any quick thoughts. Happy Monday!

Here is a link that might be useful: link to previous thread with kitchen layout...scroll down a bit

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1) Where should we put the cans?

In the trash.

Recessed cans are the worst possible choice for general and/or task lighting.

Cans are best used for highlighing room features. For general lighing, surface and/or pendant fixtures, which provide a combination of direct and indirect light, are the more practical, useful, and economical choice.

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