Kenmore HT4 / HF code - no water

tkdurbin01December 24, 2011

Have an HT4 - model 110.45087400

Repair guy states we need Water Valve Kit - NO WATER / I turn on and doesn't seem that water is filling in - will go through for about 10 minutes with liquid detergent but the fabric softener isn't draining into machine either/ turns off after 10 minutes with what it seems to be damp detergent clothes..

Any ideas ?

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Post your question/problem on I'm sure someone on that site will be able to assist you.

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I replaced the Blue water valve and still broken.
When it is time to rinse - cold water - the electric part attached/above the water valve makes noise like it is straining to open or let water in but no water flows - sound continues for a few minutes. Then FH code...
Problem is when it is time to RINSE -
ANY help out there ?

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