Vaska HerbaSoft Softener and Oxygen Bleach

larsi_gwDecember 24, 2010

So, while shipping was free for my order of Vaska HerbaSoft and Vaska Oxygen took 1.5 weeks to get (

The HerbaSoft has a very similar smell to the Herbatergent, but the Herbatergent smells better & fresher. The softener is a thick, white liquid that rinses out of my dispenser easily. It adds a hint more Lavendar smell to the clothing, but not that much more. It does soften somewaht and help a tad with the static cling, but softness is NO way comparable with Downy or Snuggle!

The Vaska Oxygen Bleach is not fragranced, but WOW...this stuff has a strong chemical smell. I do not remember Hydrogen Peroxide smelling that strong (that's the main ingredient in this product). I used it on a load of towels, and it totally dominated the smell of the Herbatergent and HerbaSoft! I do not like it at all. One of the towels did have a stain on it (think it was tea or coffee), the stain was totally removed...but I cannot tolerate the smell of this Oxygen Bleach. It smells so "un-Earth" friendly. Honestly, I like the smell of Chlorine Bleach much more than this (although Chlorine Bleach is not colour friendly). With the smell of this stuff, I cannot see this being colour-safe either.

So, the HerbaSoft is ok. Do not like Vaska Oxygen Bleach at all...but, I still LOVE the Herbatergent. I still cannot believe how soft my clothes, sheets and towels are. Honestly, some things have never felt this soft! Amazing!!

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Larsi, I've used the Vaska oxygen bleach. While it doesn't smell good up close, I don't notice any residual odor left in the laundry - just a hint of lavender.

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Wow ... I think I get my shipment from to Canada faster than that.

You have to keep in mind that no "green" FS will be the same as conventional (and for good reason). I personally can't stand Downy anymore with that "coated" feel. I think my laundry is perfectly soft enough and I never have static issues (and I'm using 10 year old machines not even uber fancy "Miele"). Static comes from synthetic fabrics and over drying.

I use both the Vaska FS and the Shaklee Fresh Laundry FS - both are similar in consistency (as I assume both are soy based). Vaska has a soft lavender smell which does enhance overall smell of laundry slightly. Shaklee has a very fresh smell - my family just loves it. Both soften very nicely for me.

I really believe it's all in what you get used to. Since I stopped using Tide ... oh ... 3 years ago - I cannot stand the smell of overly fragranced laundry. It never bothered me before but once I stopped, I can't go back - it's just awful to me. Even walking the detergent aisle is olfactive assault (and I worked in the prestige fragrance industry for 10+ years).

I did post before about my opinion of the Vaska oxygen bleach. It has a very strong odor as does the spot remover. I find the oxygen bleach smell lingered in the finished laundry. I much prefer my pure sodium percarbonate or the Shaklee Nature Bright (Shaklee contains sodium percarbonate but also enzymes) neither of which have any smell.

I too still love the Herbatergent. I use it quite a bit here in combination with some others.

Thanks for posting a follow up - always nice to read others opinions.

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Thanks for the feedback, Larsi.

As livebetter reports, Downey feels very waxy to me (HATE the smell of the new April Fresh, btw), but the Vaska does not. Before I got the Vaska FS, I was either using nothing, vinegar or 1/2 FS 1/2 vinegar in my washes with a double rinse.

I think I will stick with Ecover powdered oxy-bleach and try method laundry detergent for stain removal. I did find Ecover stain remover in my local safeway (?). The smell is not harsh at all.

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covingtoncat, I have used the Ecover stain remover - it works well.

I also use the new Method with Smartclean as a spot treater - it works very well for me. Removes oily spots first time.

I've read good reviews re: Ecover fabric softener. I've not tried it myself.

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I actually think this Vaska Herbasoft feels waxy, where my clothes with Downy do not feel waxy. The Vaska softens a little, but my clothes washed with Herbatergent and Downy feel amazing.

I agree the "new" April Fresh Scent Downy is down right vile. Look at the reviews at People HATE it, as do I. The Mountain Spring Downy (green label) smells very fresh & clean and it is NOT overpowering.

I'll finish the bottle of HerbaSoft, but my towels and sheets do not feel amazing with it. I will not re-buy HerbaSoft!

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"NOT" overpowering to you maybe - everyone's sense of smell is very different.

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Merry Christmas to all my fellow Laundry Room Forum Freaks!

I HATE the HerbaSoft Fabric Softener! I kept smelling fish in my dried items, but thought it was my imagination. Asked my Mom what my towels smelled like, and she said: "Eww, they smell like cod liver oil pills". I find the HerbaSoft to be waxy, the clothes look dull and the smell is SO unfresh. It's actually gross!

Still, VERY, VERY happy and impressed with the Herbatergent though. So far, no stain has been left and even the dirtiest work or work out clothes smell fresh and are SO soft.

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It's so funny how two different people can have completely opposite experiences with the same products. I mean honestly!

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Larsi, Belated Merry Christmas to you, too.

Interesting comment re: fish smell. That is a frequent comment I have read about Ms. Myers Lavender laundry products. I wonder if there is an association for some people between Lavender oils/essence and fishiness?

Once I have dried my clothing, the lavender smell of the herbatergent is faint, so it is interesting that you and your mom had such a strong reaction with the inclusion of the FS.

I stopped using FS on my towels years ago. I found it made them less absorbent, but that was with Downy. Maybe I should try again for just the bath towels only. Never on the kitchen towels.

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