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sunliciousNovember 7, 2013

i have a mother who has real difficulty turning on lamps in the living room and bedroom. i was thinking about searching for a way she could turn on the lamps by using a remote control. does anyone have any experience using such a thing? maybe pass along some recommendations/brands? thanks for any help!


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When my wife had neck surgery, I just swapped out one of her bedroom ceiling light dimmers for one with an IR remote control. Lutron brand.

They also make versions for plug-in lamps -- you plug that into the wall, and the lamp into it.

Their IR dimmers don't have "addresses", so you cannot separately control two in the same room. If you need to to that, there are RF ones. You can set them up to be controlled by specific remotes. That is what we have for over-bed reading lights, separate RF controls for my wife and for me.

There are "dimmer" and "switch" versions. I have the RF switch one for my garage fluorescent lights, since they cannot be used with a dimmer. For that one, it was the easy way to add a new "wall switch", by mounting the tiny remote on a wall. In addition, we each have a remote in our car for the garage/shop lights.

If the IR ones work for what you need, they are the cheapest solution.

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option 1: Lutron's remotes described above.

option 2: using X10 or Insteon wireless remotes, which can be done by plugging remote-control adaptors into the outlets that lamps are plugged into (amongst several other ways to set it up). See

option 3 is Philips' Cue LED light bulbs that are controlled by your iPhone, iPod, or Android device. These do all sorts of fancy things, like turning on or off at certain times, allowing you to turn lights on or off even if you're not home, using voice commands to turn lights on or off, and adjusting the color between cool/daylight and warm-white to suit the time of day or your moods. Both standard and floodlamp bulbs are available.

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You can use your universal remote control ( T.V ) remote to turn lights off or dim. Set the IRLincâÂÂs sensor eye in your remote and plug into an available outlet. Next, replace your existing wall switches with Intension remote control dimmers.

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The Clapper Sound Activated On/Off Switch.

Does anyone have experience with these?

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