6 Inch Can Trim

Mel0569November 4, 2011


We are doing new construction and have 46 - 6inch can lights. The builder purchases everything but the trims, which we need to choose.

I am hopelessly lost on what is a good quality, reasonable cost for a 6 inch trim. We are not looking for anything fancy just standard white.

Any suggestions on where to go, big box stores or online?



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If you're installing LED recessed lights (e.g. - Cree CR6 or LR6, Sylvania RT6), the trim comes with the light.

Otherwise, take a look at your local lighting stores, then shop around for the best price.

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Just get a bunch of Cree CR-6 LED units from Home Depot ($40/each, unless you live somewhere where they are subsidized), and call it a day. It is a very nice product. As davidtay says, it includes the trim.

No affiliation with Cree. But I do have 4 CR-6s in my house, with 10 more on the way. (I could do two more, but they are in locations where it doesn't make fiscal sense.)

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Normally don't you need to get the trim from the same manufacturer as the can? I've seen several different types that often don't look interchangable.

I too would strongly consider the Cree CR6 (called Ecosmart at HD) which is a super long lasting, very efficient LED downlight with built-in white trim that installs in most 6" cans. Since a separate trim costs about $12, it's like you're getting the light bulb for $28, which is what two or three halogen floodlights would cost, and the LED lasts as long at 10 halogen bulbs and uses 1/5 the electricity. The CR6 will quickly pay for itself.

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The rims alone ran about $10.60 at Lowe's and about $12 at Home Depot in our area. Seems that buying them in larger numbers you should be able to get them for less. We didn't find the LED option until after we had just bought and installed 6 new baffle rims -- I was just glad to clean up the ceiling with the the white baffle instead of the old gold/bronze color that accentuated the holes in the ceiling.

Here is a link that might be useful: Another option for bulk purchase

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Lascatz, thank you for the link!

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