auto patio light control for frosted glass

mhiran1November 13, 2011

Hi all!

So we installed some new patio lights that we'd like to have turn on automatically when it gets dark, but what we're finding is that a lot of the socket type controllers use a photo diode which is not working with the frosted glass on our fixture. Basically, when the light turns on when it's dark outside, the sensor thinks it's daytime because the light is reflecting off the frosted glass and turns itself off. And this cycle repeats endlessly... on off on off.

I'm wondering if anyone knows of any alternatives. I've tried searching for a non-light sensitive socket timer where you could program it like an alarm clock (ie program it to turn on at 5pm and off by 9;30pm). Even better would be one where it adjusts itself for daylight savings time and the changing times of sunrise and sunset...

We could install a light sensor out of the light fixture, but I'd prefer to not have to cut into the siding if I don't have to...


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Assuming these fixtures are controlled by a switch, you can replace the switch with an astronomic timer which knows sunset/sunrise times. Intermatic is one brand.

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