Master Bedroom lighting-what to do to get enough light

samcain777November 12, 2010

Our MBR has old-fashioned downlights similar to the old-fashioned spotlights with big white trim. They do not give off good light to the whole room (14x18) and look ugly. Trying to figure out what to do. Have a ceiling fan (no light and do not want one. It was suggested that I just change out the old fashioned downlights with new style halogens. But that is really task lighting - have it in the kitchen.

I was thinking of sconces but am told they are for accent (not enough light) and won't light the room. Help! Does anyone have any ideas??

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Yep. A good old fashioned, simple, surface-mount light in the center of the ceiling - like all houses used to have 40-50 years ago. It will provide both direct and indirect light, unlike recessed lights which provide only direct light and produce heavy shadows unless installed in great numbers.

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Our Master has only one smallish West-facing window and is naturally dimly illuminated. We have 2 switched bedside lamps and 2 dimmed sconces with no ceiling fixtures whatsoever and find it quite sufficient. I work with the guide of 1W per sq ft as starters and then think about where I want the light to be.

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