Anyone interested in buying 9 Spega glass jars?

arlinekJuly 14, 2012

Oh, is THIS an interesting happenstance. I was looking for these last month and asked about them here & if anyone had them for sale. They suddenly appeared on eBay and I put in the winning bid. But, I didn't pay close enough attn. when I was checking them out and just now realized they are smaller than I had presumed. Before I ask the Seller if she would like to offer these ("2nd chance offer") to the bidder just below mine ($.50 less than my bid), I'm asking if anyone might be interested in buying them. My winning bid for 9 of them was $35.52 + $9 shipping from N.Y. If you ARE interested, I would arrange for the Seller to actually ship them to YOU instead of my receiving them in California and then having to re-ship them to you. Just asking before I proceed with the Seller, since I know these can be popular. I can provide you a link to the eBay auction and you can see the pic, etc. If you need pics of what Spega jars are, I can email them to you or you can Google them and see right away. Basically they are little glass jars made in Italy that once held Spega yoghurt and the shape was very cute and has the Spega logo on the center front, and became very popular for desserts, yogurts, puddings, shells, candle-holders, etc.


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Ebay regrets, I've had more than a few. Worst case I'd probably find a use for 9 jars, but I'm having a harder time justifying over $300 for 22 silver plated marrow scoops I bid on and won back there was some conversation here about roasted marrow bones.

In an "interesting happenstance" sort of way, this thread made me go look for those spoons and in the process I found something I misplaced several months ago. Something that might change the dynamic for the rest of the night. ;-) Thank you!

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Well, that's curious! "Something that might change the dynamic for the rest of the night" - I can't imagine where that is going! lol.

I'd be upset, too, if I won 22 marrow scoops for $300 (although I absolutely adore eating bone marrow). Guess we've all made our share of mistakes, haven't we?

I might just list them on eBay myself; will have to wait and see.

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Okay, never mind. The Seller was able to offer them to the next lowest bidder and they were bought!

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