Help deciding on undercabinet lights - utilitech vs WAC

kasey09November 2, 2009
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how many lights you need? one,two,three or more?
is dark in ur kitchen?
the first one you choose is ok,but the second i think it not suitable in kitchen,coz you need 4 lights at least,
i just found a good light special design for under cabinet
This innovative under cabinet light allows you to place light where you need it without the hassle of cords and plugs.....
you can see the detailed of the product here.

Here is a link that might be useful: Under Cabinet 3 Head LED Light

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What makes the GM better than others? How do they compare to the Pegasus offerings?

Here is a link that might be useful: Pegasus Associates Xenon Lighting

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Xenon lighting will give you more light, LED lighting will last longer and have less light. Choose a fixture based on your application needs and don't buy the cheapest thing you see. Select a fixture with a good warranty offered at a reasonable price, with the amount of light you need, from a source that will be there to help you if you should have any issues. A good quality fixture will pay for itself in the long run. Some of the DIY stores change fixtures very often. By purcasing a good name brand product, you will have a better chance of replacing with a like fixture should you ever need to. There is no one solution. Bars that are self contained are easier to install while individual (puck styles) can be more affordable and sometimes create more drama in a space. Think about the installation issues and choose a product that best suits your needs and budget. Remembering that the cheapest is usually not the best choice. Kichler makes the best xenon undercabinet light in my opinion. I sold thousands of these from my showroom and had almost no issues over many years. Quality does matter. Kichler is sold in Lighting showrooms and on-line. And no, I do not sell Kichler on my web site. This is just my professinal opinion.

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I just don't see battery powered LEDs as much of a solution for anything. I feel better giving to a charity rather than the seller of battery powered undecounter LEDs as I seem to get the same thing from either.

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I went by Lowes again this week to look at the Utilitech xenon 120v line voltage light bars. They put off quite a bit of heat. I'm a little concerned by the amount of heat. I've got 6 pairs of wires sticking out just beneath the cabinets. The light bars can be no more than 20" long and would prefer them to be around an inch in height. I was going to use a 2-light bar in each spot. Will low voltage light bars like the ones WAC lighting makes put off significantly less heat? Since I'm in Texas, I don't want these lights adding more heat to my house in the hotter months. Maybe I need to consider fluorescent under cabinet lighting as an option? Anyone have any suggestions?

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