How does my garden grow?

annie1992July 18, 2014

Finally, it started out dry with 21 days of consecutive no rain. Then it started raining and I replanted squash, corn, turnips, beans. The deer found the garden. I tried Irish Spring soap, metal pie plates for noise, that deer spray. Yeah, that gave them a chance to wash up before they ate my plants that I had just sprayed. Ugh.

Anyway, I finally just ran a strand of electric wire and hit it with 8800 volts. They've decided I'm unfriendly and went away. Right now my garden looks like this, these are those 77 tomato plants right in front, some are small from deer damage but they are coming back.

This is from the East side of the garden, south end. Yes, I have two separate pieces of garden, separated by those three apple trees you see. Total, it's about half an acre.

You can see the peppers, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, some Taylor Horticultural Beans, sweet potatoes, October beans, corn, butternut squash and potatoes. Red Pontiac, white fingerlings and blue Adirondack, I'll have some colorful potato salad!

North end of the garden has Tigger melons, water melons, cantaloupe, fennel, dill, basil, rutabaga, turnips, beets both red and golden, white and purple carrots, Greasy Beans, Royal Burgundy beans, Pink Half Runner beans, Cherokee Trail of Tears beans, some swiss chard, pak choi, leeks, cucumbers, broccoli raab which has already bolted before I could even eat it and Elery's okra.

We've eaten some zucchini:

Some pak choi:

And today's harvest, 16 pounds of rhubarb, which I haven't taken pictures of because it needs to be washed, sliced and put in the freezer. I'd make pie, but Elery and I are both supposed to be on a diet, LOL.

I love this time of year, and I took every vegetable I could find, added some lentils and garam masala, a bit of sweet curry, smoked paprika and turmeric and made a vegetable stew. Elery had his over polenta.

Oh, and I still need to finish up with the sweet cherries too....


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That does it!!!!! I am coming to your farmstand!

I am starting to get some good tomatoes but most havve rotted due to the heavy rains. So have some of the red cabbages. Beans are starting and so are the peppers and zukes. Plus the 5 in one day cucumbers.

And the da*n rabbit ate the lettuce to the roots......

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That's just beautiful!

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Looks great despite the poor start! My gardens are having a slow start too... Mid July and we're still getting the occasional night in the 40s! :(

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What a beautiful bounty you have grown. I love your story telling too. I see lots of hearty meals in your future that you have grown. Eating from the land that you planted. Very rewarding. Thanks for sharing.

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Looks like a lot of canning to me. Looks like you need to buy another freezer. :-)


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Annie, your garden looks beautiful despite the deer!

Happy Gardening!

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WOW, that's terrific.

I think we can hit Annie's place on our way to Ann_T's.

Eat our way across North America. What a trip! We can start in the southeast and head up to the northwest.

Annie, do you have a farm stand and sell any of it? That's a lot of garden.

Maybe you should start a CSA with Forum members!!

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Bless the farmers and the earth, bless the sunshine and the rain.
Bless the rabbits and the deer so they don't come by again.

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beachlily z9a

Annie, your garden is bigger than my entire beach lot. Oh well, I love living here even though few veggies grow with the amount of salt we have in the water, wind and in rain.

Your garden is absolutely beautiful!!!!

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"---Bless the rabbits and the deer---"

Then cook then. :-)


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Looking at your garden pictures makes me tired. Reminds me of our gardens years ago before moving to town. Lots and lots of work, but don't you enjoy all the results next January when the snow is flying, and us town folks have to go to the grocery store for our meals.

Look beyond the looks so green and peaceful, quiet and serene. I can just imagine the sound of the country side.


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Thanks, Islay. I think everyone's version of beautiful is different, but I think it's as lovely as any beach or island. I love my garden, it's where I'm content.

Partymusic, it's been in the 40s here for the past couple of nights too. You never quite know what Michigan is going to throw at you at any given time, but we don't get bored.

Shirl, it IS a lot of work, but it is also peaceful, quiet and serene. As long as Bossy Cow doesn't notice that I'm there and start bellowing for a treat, LOL. It looks different now, though, that hay field behind the small barn got cut today, finally. We haven't had a break in the rain long enough to get hay in until now.

I enjoy the garden. Somehow, no one bothers me there, I think they're afraid I'll put them to work. I'm perfectly happy spending hours just pulling weeds and checking blossoms and small fruits, thinning plants and planning my canning and cooking.

Plllog, thanks for the prayers, I think I might need some, but not as many as those darned deer are going to need come November. Rats on hooves, I detest 'em.

Dcarch, I fully intend to eat the darned things. It's the farmer mentality, that symbiotic relationship, if I feed them, I get to eat them. We're already plotting our revenge for deer season. As for rabbits, well, Molly has been on patrol, no problem with them or squirrels, moles or groundhogs, she's got them all handled. Just deer and potato beetles, which I've squished by the thousands this year.

Momj47, I don't sell any and don't have a CSA. I do give a lot away, and this year my granddaughter, The Monkey Princess, plans a roadside stand to make college money. She says she's planning to be a doctor and will need to go to Yale. (grin) That's a lot of tomatoes and eggs!

Grandmamary, the only thing that would make it better would be one of the grandkids standing in it. I figure that will happen about October, when those apples ripen, although Makayla did help plant and does help hoe and pull weeds. That planting help is why I spent so much time thinning rutabaga and turnips, but the company is so worth it.

Peppi, come on up any time, you know my door is open. Bring your Dad and the small furry boss, you know you are all welcome anytime.

Beachlily, I do have room to "spread out", but no beach. I could swim in the stock tank, I guess. (grin) Oh, and I have lilies in front of the milk house, I know you'd be proud of me, growing something that isn't technically food!

Booberry, I'm just so darned happy to see you here, welcome home!

If we don't get some rain, I'll need to water the tomatoes, and of course, the well at the farm has once again decided to just lose prime and stop pumping. Ugh. Two wells out there and neither one gives me water, go figure.


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I still lurk a lot! Just started doing some canning here.

I read Dcarch's comment and thought, "Hmm, free range rabbits and venison!"

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