Can this be swagged?

jaschuNovember 10, 2013

We are in the end stages of a kitchen remodel and have only recently noticed our breakfast area fixture is not centered on our table. This project has already been extended by a few months and at this point we're just ready to be finished even if it means I have to swag a lighting fixture. So my question, does anyone think this lighting fixture be swagged? If not, am I only limited to the fixtures that have chains?

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Probably not
1. Not if rods is used to suspend the fixtures.
2. Even if wires are used to suspend the fixture, swaging would move the point of suspension from under the main hub. The net result would look strange.

Options -
1. re-position the junction boxes if you must have those fixtures.
2. re-position the island.
3. live with it.

Swagging would probably not look good

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Thanks David. I figured it couldn't be swagged but hoped I might be wrong. We want to reposition the junction boxes but since the ceiling is textured and we're only DIY-wishers, I'm a bit concerned of what the end result may look like.

Thanks again for your suggestions.

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Swagging will have to be done for each lamp. Swagging multiple lamps in the same immediate area will not look good.

It's a matter of which one would cost more - moving the island or the junction boxes.

The ceiling can be re-textured to match.

If your flooring was laid under the island (i.e. - island not set directly on the subfloor), moving the island a couple of inches may be easier.

Moving the junction boxes would involve trips into the space above the ceiling, additional hanger bars/ bracing. If there is a second floor above, this might become expensive.

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