Mysterious Holes + Smell with Shirts

SindoriusDecember 8, 2013

I seem to keep getting mysterious holes in my shirts underneath the front neck collar part of the shirt. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger until the shirt is no longer wearable, and it seems to even be happening now to shirts I bought only a couple weeks ago. I wash them on a wrinkle-control cycle with warm water and dry them in a gentle tumble. Sometimes before I wear them I stretch the sides to make the shirt larger, and perhaps that is it?

Many of my recently washed shirts also start to have a kind of dusty smell, but perhaps that's simply because the area they're kept is with dusty-smelling shirts? I don't know if the smell is related to the holes but does anyone have any idea what might be causing this?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

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What kind of material is your shirts made from? Do you have FL machine and what spin speed, and are you using bleach(LCB)? Holes can be mystery. The smell could be from a dirty machine. If it is a FL, have you run cleaning cycles? If mold and mildew can build up and cause clothes to really bad.

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Many of us are dealing with the holes issue. My thought is the fabrics are not of good quality anymore.

As far as the smells go, it could be the fabric itself is not great. You could try washing the shirt in fairly hot water with extra rinses, and then line dry it. Line drying in the sunshine will kill any bacteria or mold that may be lingering. If that doesn't solve the issue then it's something weird with the fabric itself.

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