cactuscatieNovember 24, 2007

Has anyone bought anything from I'm wondering what is the quality of the lighting and how are they to order from. Any problems or delays?

Thanks for the help.

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They're fine.

My brother-in-law ordered from them a few times. A fixture was on back order once and took about a month to get. Other orders were received in about 10 days.

The overall quality was above Kichler.

Ordering online is great, but you do give up some customer service for the best price. It is more than a fair trade off in my book.

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Rejuvenation is excellent! I've ordered several light fixtures from Rerjuvenation and have been very pleased with the quality of their products and great customer service too. I love how they describe what period/type of home each of their fixtures is appropriate for. I plan to order again from them soon.

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I've always liked their lighting but at a recent meeting all the people in the trades said that the quality of their stuff has gone way downhill, that it was all being made in China, and to stay away from it. I'm rethinking everything now.

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Is this still true? Has anyone compared fit & finish/quality with Schoolhouse Electric?


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