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beaglencNovember 2, 2010

I saw the new Wisk at Walmart over the weekend. Some of the bottles had a small he symbol saying it is he compatible. Has anyone tried this in an he machine? How much would you use. There were several different varieties some of the same with and without the symbol.

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According to the Wisk website they only have one HE version.

In non HE they show; Deep Clean, Coldwater Power, Fresh Boost and Colorsafe Bleach.

LaundryHE powered by Wisk is a dialogue based site designed to help answer all of your HE related questions. âÂÂHEâ stands for âÂÂHigh Efficiencyâ and is used in reference to household appliances and detergents.

WiskâÂÂs first -to-market high efficiency detergent Wisk HE is formulated specifically for your HE washing machine.

HE is important because it results in both energy and water conservation. HE washers use 20% to 66% less water than a traditional agitator washer, and because thereâÂÂs less water to heat, HE washers use 50% to 80% less energy.

Due to their low water wash and rinse cycles, HE washers work best with an HE detergent that is low-sudsing and easily rinsed away.

They had a good video showing the suds difference between the two (HE and non HE). "Bubbles don't equal clean" ...

Here is a link that might be useful: Wisk HE

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LiveBetter -- While there is a specific High Efficiency product, Wisk's web site depicts the Coldwater Power, Fresh Boost, and Colorsafe Bleach versions as having a small HE symbol on the lower left-front of the bottle and describes them as usable in all types of washers.

Beagle_NC -- I would follow the package directions as a starting point and adjust as needed for the usual factors - load size, soil level, and observed cleaning and rinsing performance. The HE-compatible versions are surely formulated to be low-sudsing at an appropriate dosage level.

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I used it 9 years ago as it was the only HE detergent on the American market. It cleaned really well, I just didnt care for the smell of it. Era HE cleans just as good as the name brand Proctor and Gamble products at about half the price. Era has little or no smell after a load is washed

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dadoes, I didn't see that.

I read recently, from the Soap & Detergent Association, that you should not use detergents that claim to be HE "compatible" as they are just regular detergents that will instruct you to use less.

"LABEL ALERT! Some detergent manufacturers label their
detergents âÂÂHE Compatible.â Many of these detergents are
regular sudsing detergents that should not be used in your
HE washer. Be sure to read detergent labels carefully!"

At the end of the day, it is trial and error with what works in your machine, with your water and your laundry circumstances.

Here is a link that might be useful: HE washers & detergents

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I've used some non-HE detergents to success in my HE toploader. Recently ran a load of whites with Ace Limon (a Mexican version of Tide powder). The ingredient list includes "suds suppressors." Dosage can be tricky/touchy. This was a large load. The package has no instructions for HE washers. Based on experience, I started with three 1-oz. scoops, added another scoop after fill was complete. The load came out very nice, comparable to Tide HE powder.

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I've used the new Wisk with coloursafe bleach. It actually cleans quite well. Similar, if not the same, to the All oxi active detergent in performance. CR rated the All quite well.

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