new trends of bathroom light fixtures?

daisyyoungNovember 2, 2012

I am remodeling my bathroom and I really want to put some beautiful touches like light fixtures that will surely give my bathroom an inviting ambiance. What are the new trends of bathroom lighting these days? New style? Color? Types? Finishes?

All replies would be highly appreciated.

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The major consideration in lighting is the switch from incandescent bulbs to energy saving alternatives. In terms of style, I think that is a shocking first step. Most of the photos are taken in very high end homes (aka mansions). Houzz provides a mass of product pages, home decorating blogs and scores of enticing photos.

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pbx2_gw is an amazing sight.

Much better than Pinterest.
Pinterest is such a stream of consciousness whereas Houzz is better organized.

Funny thing is if you click on Pinterest pictures they usually send you back to the houzz site where they originate.

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Here's the interesting thing that I discovered about Trends. If you live in a million dollar home, then you're sure to get raves over your vintage fixtures. The same fixtures in a fixer-upper will result in sneers, laughs or expressions of pity. True or false?

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daisyyoung is way better than Pinterest especially when it comes to houses decors and stuffs but I still love Pinterest. Anyways, I just wanted to install light fixtures on my bathroom to make it more special. So I am looking for the latest trend today.

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Daisy, install bathroom light fixtures that will add "pop" to your room as that is clearly one of the trends today. Your lights should be a focal point of the room. Recessed lighting fixtures are considered to be the most popular bathroom lighting trend today, but beware, if they are the only lights you are using in the bathroom. You may fall into the shadow trap and may not be able to see yourself clearly in the mirror. To avoid unpleasant shadowing effects, use recessed floodlights along with the other general forms of lighting. A diffused light fixture with a soft focus mounted at or just above eye level is much better and the best place for the same is on either side of the mirror. This will help throw maximum light on your face and brighten it up. Diffused lights wall-mounted near the mirror can cut down on shadows of halogen floodlights.
If wall mounted lights are not possible in your bath, avoid using recessed lighting. Use decorative diffused lighting on the ceiling instead, which is only the second best option after the one suggested above. If recessed lighting is the only option available, then, place it very close to the mirror, centered above the faucet. Installing different types of lighting fixtures that can be switched on and off, independently or in desired combos, can help make a bathroom look exceptionally good. Use different levels of light when applying makeup during different times of the day - Bright light during the day and dim light during the night. A dimmer switch is essential.

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It's not so much a "trend", but rather just an evolution of the way we look at lighting: different types/layers of light and different zones. Older lighting plans for bathrooms typically consisted of an overhead/ceiling fixture (often part of the fan) and perhaps one over the vanity.

In modern bathrooms, just as in modern kitchens, you should consider ambient, task, and accent lighting. It's the layering of light that makes the bathroom feel inviting. You can have an amazing bathroom and have it feel awful because of the lighting plan.

Houzz is definitely a great site and they have a great iPhone app as well. As far as trends for fixtures, I think the duller finishes aren't in-style right now (e.g. frosted glass, brushed nickel). Brass remains out of style. Polished chrome/nickel, clear glass, and crystal are all "in." Sconces to the side of the mirror at or just above eye-level has become the standard for vanity lighting, but again, it's ultimately up to you and what works for you. This is just my opinion based on what I've seen/experienced.

For ambient lighting, recessed lighting is still the gold standard, energy-efficient (e.g. LED) if you can afford it.

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Thank you for the replies. Yeah I think you are right live4ever, I think the beauty is not about the trend but how you perceive something. I think I have ideas now for my bathroom I will be back in this discussion when I have problems decorating the bathroom. Thank you all :)

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What do you think of these light fixtures guys and gals? The style is very antique and I so love it. What do you think?

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This is a very pretty fixture similar to two that I used to have that received criticism as being "outdated" and "stained glass is out!". I also loved a gorgeous Tiffany chandelier given to me by a high end home owner who was disgusted by the vintage stained glass look. If you install this pretty light in your home, be sure the style fits overall (rather than being enamored by the individual piece) and be prepared for those who wrinkle their eyebrow when looking at it.

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I don't think this one is outdated, I really love this one because of its antique features. Yeah, I will make sure that it would go perfectly with my furnishings. It is very classic and timeless.

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I had the same one in a previous home.
I find it is very dated.

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Date or not I really love this light fixture. I really fell in love with this one when I first saw it in LightingbyLux website. It is very antique yet modern at the same time.

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You've unintentionally raised two interesting points, Daisy. (1) We sometimes invite opinions while only wanting affirmative ones that support the decision we've already made. I do this all the time! (2) Who do we decorate for: ourselves or others? I've tried both and can't say which works better. Your original post prompted my thinking about these two points.

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You've got a point there Matilda. When I think about it, I have my choice of light fixtures but still I look for new trends today but in the end I did still stick to the one I wanted first. I guess opinions are good yet at the end of the day it still our decision that matters the most. Thanks for making me realize that Matilda :)

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