Bosch washer and Dryer

tyguyNovember 20, 2011

I really do not know a lot about Laundry appliances. I do have an opportunity to purchase a brand new in the box Bosch WTVC533AUS in Anthracite at an unbelievably low price (under $300, they bought about 200 units). I LOVE the colour. Finding the matching washing machine (WFVC544AUC) seems to be a bit harder.

My questions are; Are these good machines? Are Mieles vastly better or only marginally better?

If anyone knows where I can source one of these it would be greatly appreciated.

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I was looking at Bosch also. I've been told by two sales reps that Bosch is discontinuing the manufacture of Bosch Washer and Dryers, so I wonder if parts and labor will be come a problem in the future.

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I wonder if they are also discontinuing the Bosch Siemens line. Now those are some quality units.

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They are discontinuing the 27 inch models only.

@tyguy, FWIW I ruled out the Bosch when I was doing my research last year. I went with the Miele W4842/T9822. I found the Bosch felt very cheap compared to the Miele. The Mieles are seriously solid machines - no comparison. However, you'll pay a lot more for them.

Having said that, there were some members here who liked their Bosch machines.

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I have a Bosch nexxt 500 that I like very much. I've had it 4 years. Mine is on a crawl space first floor and there is quite a bit of vibration when it spins.
The one thing I wish it had was the ability to put it through a spin cycle alone.
If I end up with a load that won't balance and go into a spin, ( one rug for example , or one heavy article and one light) then I'm forced to run it through the shortest cycle I have to try again to get it to spin.
The matching gas dryer not so much.
It tends to roll sheets up in a ball.

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I think buying the Bosch units sounds like a great deal. Is Bosch as good as Miele? No, but even at full retail price there's quite a price difference; however, for

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Thanks to all who have replied.

I have no doubts that the Miele machines are better than the Bosch. Miele is by far my most trusted appliance brand and I do believe them to be the most solid built and reliable appliance maker on earth as well as the best performing, at least in the washing department (dish and laundry)

I don't even need laundry machines as I have a front load washer and dryer. I was going to replace these units when we get to the laundry room renovation, which is still a few years away, but my dryer kinda needs a service call now due to my haste in trying to "clean" out the venting (don't ask lol). So then I saw the Bosch dryer described above at a blowout price but no matching washing machine. I also LOVE the anthacite colour. I really like how it is a matt finish rather than the shiney finish's that seem all the rage. I wish Miele offered a couple of colour choices as well, as I am sure their colours would be equally tasteful.
I have tried many sources, without much luck. There is one source left that states on their website "in stock", and of course they are the most expensive. But with the dryer at $300 I'd still be coming in at about $1500 for the pair where it would have cost about $2800-3000 not long ago, or $4000 for Miele (CDN pricing) I have found floor models in a couple of sears outlets, but I'm not a floor model guy, specially since these are from sears usa and I am in Canada. I really don't mind taking a weekend trip somewhere to pick them up, as I am always game for a weekend away, or have them shipped to a virtual address in buffalo but being a floor model it may turn into more problems than its worth.

I have not given up 100% yet on this, but I have a feeling I may have to let it go. Too bad, as I so love that colour.

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"as I am sure their colours would be equally tasteful"

I don't know ... did you see the chocolate version they did?? Not sure how I felt about those. Not sure I like the coloring of the new InteliQ line either. But I digress ...

I noticed AJ Madison still shows them instock.

Not sure where in Canada you are but there are companies on the US side that will accept shipments for you (even skids) for a nominal fee. Just a thought :)

This is one close to the Niagara border.

Here is a link that might be useful: AJ Madison - Bosch 27

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Thanks a lot for the link to cbiusa. That is precisely what I am talking about when I say a "virtual US address". That is exactly what I am looking for. I live an hour and a bit from the border, I shop in the US all the time, I have spent tens of thousands of dollars in the US over the past 2 or 3 years, and will be spending tens of thousands more over the next 6 or 7 years. Crossing the border to me is not an issue at all. It is just finding the darn matching washing machine. Thanks for the link to AJ Madison as well, but unfortunately the link is for the dryer. The dryer is easy to find. Seems AJM is out of the washing machine like everyone else.

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@tyguy, sorry about that. I didn't double check but was sure I'd looked up the washer ... huh ..

Glad the cbiusa link is useful to you. I haven't used them yet but it sounds great.

I am about 1-1/2 hours from the border. I went over a few weeks ago for the first time in a few years. Forgot how great shopping there is. I'm planning to make more regular pilgrimages down (as long as the dollar stays strong).

Good luck finding your washer.

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Here is the deal. I had checked everywhere, and a new in box washing machine seemed to be pretty much impossible to find. Even floor models were few and far in between. I went to look at a floor model not too far away from where I live at an appliance liquidator, but it was so beat up that I would have assumed that it would have been used only for parts. The worst part is, they still wanted $1000 for it.

I had pretty much given up on the idea. One night my wife and I were going into Walmart and beside Walmart is a Future Shop store (chain store in Canada owned by Best Buy) which sells electronics and appliances. I know that they used to sell these models because during my search for this machine I found some posts back in the summer on Red Flag Deals when they were clearing them out. I thought maybe I should go in and check as teh last resort to see if there happens to be a floor model kicking around or possibly if they could see in their system if a floor model exists anywhere. As I am walking towards the appliances I am doing a scan of the machines on display and of course I do not see anything. Then all of the sudden, my wife stops, and I look at what she is looking at and I see an Anthracite Bosch machine sitting out in the end cap. At first glance I figured it was another dryer as teh dryers are easy to find, but upon closer look it was a washer! It appeared to be in good shape too. Price on it was marked at $899, which isn't a deal compared to what others were getting back in the summer, but when I can get the matching dryer for $296 brand new in the box it works out pretty good. The salesman wouldn't go down in price, but I bargained for a 5 year extended warranty which in the end we settled on a reduction of $150 on the price and then add back in $200 for extended warranty. So $949 was final price and $296 for the dryer.

Picked up the washer last week and the dryer on Sunday. Have them all hooked up and wow these really are nice machines. Way nicer than my old front loader, which never gave me any problems but didn't have internal heater and such. The only thing I am slightly disappointed in is the drain pump on the washer is louder than I figured it would have been, and that sort of scares me when it is a floor model. It isn't louder than my old front loader, I just would have expected it to be really quiet being a Bosch. The dryer is also louder than I thought it would be when it is cool, but as it warms up it gets quieter. According to the manual this is normal until the rollers heat up. Again being a Bosch I had higher expectations. The colour is a perfect match for our Montak Black honed slate floors that we are going to do in the laundry room.

I am glad I did a bit of leg work to find these machines. Ideally I wouldn't have bought a floor model as floor models scare me, and that is why I took the extended warranty which I would not have bothered with if it was new in the box. Hopefully I wasted my money on the extended warranty and never need to use it. Apparently earlier that day someone else was in the store and asked the sales guy if he could put the machine on hold but was told that they can not do so with floor models. Did I get lucky? Time will tell I suppose.

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I have no idea if you got lucky or not...

This is the most expensive model: Vision 800

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch on Ebay

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@tyguy, well ... wonderful for you! Seek and you shall find ... lol ...

I hope they work out well for you.

The pump on my Miele W4842 is not that quiet either.

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