Installing a light fixture - what should we do with ground wire?

daisyyoungNovember 29, 2012

So a friend asked me to helped her out in their new home. So she had a light fixture she wants to install on the ceiling of the living room. However we don not see any ground wire that can be attached to the fixture's ground wire. This new house they bought is kinda old and the box in the ceiling only has two wires (white and black). The ground wire of the old house' fixture is wrapped around its chain. So what shall we do? Leave the ground wire or we wrap something around it?

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Unless you want to run a ground wire from the panel to the fixture, there isn't much you can do.

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Is the box metal?

Is AC cable(Armor Clad, often incorrectly called 'BX') present?

Use a volt meter to test of the box os grounded (hot to box should be ~120 V).

If the box is metal and grounded there should be a tapped hole in the box you can put a ground screw into (10-32).

If there is no ground in the box just put a wire nut on the ground to the fixture and tuck it in the box.

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