Hedge my bets by buying laundry suite from Costco?

smiles33November 14, 2013

We're in the market to replace our current front loader Frigidaire washer/dryer from 2002. Still working great but we're going to move the set to our vacation home.

I know I want another FL but this time I want pedestals so I don't have to squat down to load/unload laundry. Yet every brand seems to have serious complaints.

I'm thinking of limiting myself to whatever Costco carries since they have such a fantastic return policy. I know I can't expect my washer/dryer to last 10+ years (at least given what I've been reading here and elsewhere), but I certainly want it to last more than 1-2 years.

Costco currently has Maytag Maxima and Whirpool Duet laundry suites on sale for under $2K. Both sets include pedestals. I could also go to Home Depot/Lowes and get LG or Samsung suites for about that same price.

We are a family of 4 (2 girls under 7) and I'd like to stay under $2K but am willing to spend more if it's highly likely I will get over 10 years' use out of them with minimal (if any) service needed.


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I just bought a 4.5 Samsung WF457 set for a present. They are huge! You wouldn't have to wash as many loads a week, thus theoretically they should then last longer. The WF455 is basically the same unit without the LED screen, and about $100 cheaper. The 455 washer is on sale for under $900 in our area. Granted the pedestals would bring you over budget. But they also have a 4 cu. ft. for $750, model WF405. All these have the powerfoam feature. These are also sale prices, so may not apply to your area.

I bought the larger size because they both work long hours and tend to let the laundry pile up. They also wanted to be able to wash king size bedding. Apparently they can wash 12 towels easily in a load. The steam dryer works and they have not had to press or steam their clothes. And this is the comment from a person picky about their attire.

I have the smaller size Samsung (bought in 2009) and have been happy with them. My life span with washers has never been over 10 years. But when there were kids in the house, i washed constantly. The Whirlpool top load set was the only set that actually gave me problems, which was some 20 years ago. Before the Samsungs I had the front load Neptunes. They were 9+ years old before I replaced them with the Samsungs. The bearings were wearing out and they were getting noisy.

Costco has a great policy. I have bought tv's from them because of this policy.

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The reason I didn't look at the 5 cu. ft. is because they are also wider. Standard is 27 ". So you want to make sure you dont have an issue with getting through doors, making turns, etc. if you get a really large unit.

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I think you would be wise to look at SQ top loaders. These machines don't have error codes, nor do they need "rebooted". They are old school commercial designs that will clean your clothes w/o any BS.
I have one, view my channel and see what you think.
They also have the industry's best warranty. No need to purchase extended warranties or service contracts.

Here is a link that might be useful: Speed Queen in action

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Thanks for your replies! I may just consider buying a TL Speed Queen and dryer set for the vacation house, instead of buying a new set for home.

Sadly, I just noticed this weekend that it can't accommodate our current FL and dryer. The positions are reversed: the dryer vent is on the left and the washer fill valves on the right. Yikes! I don't think our old Frigidaire FL allows you to switch door opening direction, so it would be a huge hassle to empty the washer with the doors of the washer/dryer in between.

So I'll have to make do with my old Frigidaires until they go kaput at our current house.

Off to research SQ and possibly cheaper top loader options for a vacation house that will do far less laundry.

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