WAC Quick Connect Mini Pendants

tabteacherNovember 7, 2009

Is anyone familiar with these lights? We bought 3 Laurens from an authorized dealer in person. The electrician said they couldn't be installed because they were missing the canopy & transformer. When the store ordered them, it is a huge round box that is 5" round & extends over 2" down from the ceiling and has screws sticking out of it. I don't want this look @ all. Is there a different way to install these, or should I just return them? I am not cutting holes in the ceiling of my newly remodeled kitchen that we just paid to have the ceiling drywalled where we took out a huge florescent.

She even ordered the new piece in the wrong finish.

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This WAC fixture is bought in 2 pieces, the 12 volt pendant assembly, which you have, and the canopy assembly which contains the step down transformer.

This is the accepted way of marketing these high end products, as there are a number of ways of installing them in your home.

There are 2 or 3 types of canopies available from WAC.The one you have is the largest.There is another one that has a flat profile, above an inch deep, with a mirror finish.You might find this one more acceptable.

Check the WAC website waclighting.com

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Thank you for your reply. You referred to these as high end. Can you explain why? I know they are low voltage. But I cannot stand the look of such a huge thing hanging down from the ceiling. I only have 8' ceilings. I did see the other canopy, & it is actually larger in diameter than this one.
Maybe I am getting a bad feeling too because she forgot to order them, so the cost of each light is significantly more & it is hard to shop with a budget with such a mistake. No apology. Then she ordered the wrong finish--she got platinum, which is not even available on the website. I found it in an old catalog though. Then she claimed my electrician told her my socket set was platinum. I was there when he talked to her on the phone & he did not say that. If she had a doubt I feel she should have asked to talk to me or looked up the original order. She actually said the 2 colors on the same light would be OK because they weren't touching--they had a cord between them. That color is not on the website either, but in the same old catalog. I have the feeling she is blaming everyone else so she can stick me with these expensive lights. Can you explain the different finishes?
Do these lights have to have that huge transformer because they are low voltage? If so, can you tell me if there are any other kinds of mini pendant lights that don't require a transformer box, or a company that has a smaller one? I do not care if they are low voltage even.
I have aleady bought several items for my kitchen to "go" with the color of the pendant lights, as with black granite counters I had no actual color. The color scheme was built around these lights I not longer want.
Thanks for any more help.

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When I refer to quality, I was referring to the quality of the glassware.
This level of quality is available in lines like Tech Lighting, LBL Lighting, Alico, and WAC
The advantage of low voltage is two fold...the light bulb is much smaller, resulting in a smaller glass element used, and the 12 volt halogen bulbs gives off a beautiful light to enhance your glass element.
Don't settle for second best, when your experience with this company and salesperson was terrible,not the product.
Return the product, find an excellent lighting showroom in your area, and select a fixture to compliment your kitchen.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to reply again. I will look online @ the other companies you mentioned. Unfortunately, this is one of the best lighting showrooms in my area. It is individually owned. We do have a Ferguson's, maybe I can check with them.
Thanks again.

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