Comparing LED downlights in kitchen

grumpydaveNovember 18, 2011

I posted recently about my attempt to replace the 4" soffit downlights in my kitchen with CREE LR4's that turned out actually be 5". I've since picked up two LED screw-in bulb replacements and a Sylvania RT4. I took pictures of each and posted my thoughts at the link below. Included is a video showing the turn-on delay of the RT4s.

Here is a link that might be useful: LED shootout

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After living with the Sylvania RT4 for a day now I think I can safely say that the delayed turn on is a deal breaker. Sometimes it really lags a second or maybe more. Often times it flickers once or twice while turning on kinda like the old fluorescent lights did. They look really good when off. Their greenish tint isn't great. But the turn on behavior is unacceptable.

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grumpydave, thank you so much for sharing this since now I am thinking again I may want to go with low voltage halogen MR16 recessed light despite the heat due to the beautiful light they give.

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Lynn2006, make sure you check out the thread linked below. We found a CREE made 4" retrofit downlight which is essentially a CR4. It's just like the CREE CR6 and is terrific. Less than half the price of a CREE LR4 too. There are more details and another picture in the other thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: My other thread on 4 inch downlights

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Interesting to see this post. We just picked up an LED PAR30 replacement bulb for our recessed cans to test it out. We got it at Lowe's and I think it was a Utilitech. We put it over our kitchen sink, and there are several other cans in the vicinity with halogen bulbs. By comparison the LED bulb produced whiter light, probably more like daylight, and it seems slightly less bright than the halogen even though it was rated for the same lumen output as the 50 watt halogens. Not bad, though.

We don't dim those lights, so I haven't tested that capability, but I think if I replaced all of the lights in a given room I could live with the color of light just fine. At the cost of nearly $40 each I wouldn't replace them all at once, but I'm planning a new house and I'll start off with them if I do recessed cans again.

I refuse to use compact fluorescent anywhere except outdoors, so I'm really looking for good options in the new house. I checked on fixtures that use LED bulbs, but they are very limited at this point and mostly too modern looking for my taste. If anyone has seen anything that would fit the bill please let me know. Meanwhile I'm trying out LED replacements for standard incandescents, and also for halogen to save on the electric bills.

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Thank you Grumpydave for letting me know about the lights you found! I will be sure to check them out.

Thank you Hilltop55 for your post since I have not yet installed the recessed lighting in my kitchen but I hope to soon make a decision. I was hoping to go with LED bulbs or recessed that will be able to fit LED bulbs that give a bright light similar to the Halogen PAR20 bulbs I have in my Zephyr Range Hood that I love.

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Hoping this is the correct thread. I'm remodeling my kitchen, and am insisting that the lighting be installed LED from the start. WE are tearing out and replacing the kitchen ceiling. My question is this..since I am doing a demo, should I start with LED fixtures throughout? I like the 4" look. Have been reading up on Cree 4 inch. Any ideas as to whether I will be pleased or unhappy with the resulting light. I even am eager to have 4", narrow beam bulbs as 6" are simply too tired and my kitchen would, I think, look old with 6 inchers. Three inch would make me even happier. Like the idea of more focused down light. Am I going to need more fixtures to adequately light my counterspace? I am installing Undercounter LED to fill the workspace. What expedience have you had Appreciating any help you guys might have

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Comparing CI currently k=light with =R4 against CR3, I get more focused light with the three It is gorgeous Thinking the CR 3's will give coverage stylishly while UC will fill in, An I mistaken here? Looking for a sharp foucused light from cans
with working cans under counter that fill workspace

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Does anyone have comments on narrow focus, ie CR3 with added adequate UC to fill the worspace? I believe I like that look

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Michael, you can start a new thread.

There is a recessed LED guide thread which started out for kitchens.

The smaller the aperture, the more expensive the light.

What is the CR3?

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