Laundry Machine Vibration Absorber Pads

chefwongNovember 6, 2011 the midst of dealing with flood/mold....I started cutting sheetrock, etc....

While in the angst of moving stuff around....somehow I managed to mangle up one of the rubber covered feet on my Miele Laundry machine. The self leveling leg is fine (afterll it's metal) - but the rubber vibration cap that was on it was shot.

Called parts and it was $20 and change for a replacement.

So I went online and started looking to see what was out there...

Anyhow, found a couple of aftermarket vibration absorbers. Thoughts...

FWIW, I don't really have vibration issues as the machine sits on a concrete floor (basement). I have noticed it moving a bit more on my tiled floor with the bad foot on it..

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IMHO....spend the twenty even though it's a rip.

You didn't say how old or what model but generally.....those aftermarket "vibration absorbers" have a different purpose from the machine's original feet. The machine's feet are designed to provide a solid base so that the machine's suspension components can handle vibration and imbalance when they occur. For that, they need equal or almost-equal bearing on those supporting feet in order to work properly. I would not introduce a material of unknown/dissimilar compressibility on a single foot for that reason.

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Get the new foot. It's only $20 (balanced against your initial investment in those machines ... pocket change).

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All of the anti-vib pads I have seen cost more than $20.

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Get the correct Miele OEM foot. It's a drop in the bucket compared to what you have invested in the machine.

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