Dimmer for 4in. Ecosmart 575L-GU24

live4everNovember 6, 2012

We recently installed Ecosmart 4 in LEDs (ECO4-575L) in Halo H99ICAT housings during our kitchen remodel. We used a Lutron Diva 153 dimmer, which works splendidly, and we love the lights.

For a current bathroom renovation, we again looked to use the 4 in. Ecosmart LEDs, but this time we went with the GU24 base version for Title 24 compliance (not sold in all HDs but available online) with corresponding GU24 housings (ELCO). This time, however, the Lutron Diva 153 dimmer doesn't work quite so well - the lights flicker for a brief second when turned on. This only happens on every other or every third time you hit the lights. Dimming is normal.

I've checked two units of the Diva 153 dimmer to make sure I just didn't have a faulty unit, and they both have the same issue. A standard light switch installed in place of the dimmer works fine. I've also triple checked the wiring for loose connections. The only conclusion I can draw is that there is something different about the GU24 version of the ECO4-575L that causes this brief flicker when turned on.

My wife would like to be able to dim the lights sometimes when taking a bath, so we'd still like to try and find a dimmer that works properly. Does anyone have a recommendation for a dimmer switch that you know works with the GU24 version of the ECO4-575L, or perhaps an alternative solution for the problem? I've also tried the Lutron Diva 603 (incandescent) dimmer but that causes the expected flickering at lower light levels.

Thanks in advance!

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Anything else on that circuit breaker?

How many ECO4's do you have on that bathroom dimmer?

Is the dimmer in a 3-way circuit, or single?

Does the switch have a ground connection?

Does the flicker happen when first turned on, even when the dimmer is set to full brightness?

I doubt that anything is different, other that the connection type, between the current production of the Edison and GU24 versions. It may be that they have changed something in the design or component selection between the time your kitchen units and the gu24 units were made.

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There are other things on the same breaker but all were off at the time of testing.

5 ECO4's, single pole, switch is grounded. Yes, the flicker happens only when they are turned on and at any brightness. It's like they turn on, then off, then back on.

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Sounds like the lights do not match the dimmer you have.

What does the light manufacturer say to use?

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Lights and dimmer match and are approved by one another. However, it seems Lutron hasn't tested/approved the dimmer with the GU24 version of these lights, which is why I was asking which dimmers folks have used successfully with the ECO4-575L-GU24. Due to limited availability, I don't think many people are using these lamps yet.

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I might suggest getting a screw-in to GU24 adapter, and try one of your kitchen lights in the bathroom, just to see if that one works okay.

You could try Lutron support -- they have a good reputation for being helpful.

The Cree list (pretty old) has a number of dimmers.


In my wife's house, I had no problem using her existing Skylark incandescent dimmers for 1 to 6 ECOsmart 6". I've also used several dimmers while trying out a single ECO4 or ECO 6" or CR6-800L and never seen a problem. MRF2-6ND, the Diva 153, the DVLV-600P. Some of these put out less power full scale, but all worked and dimmed fine.

I had been planning to use several DVCL-153P dimmers in my kitchen/living room, so keep us apprised of what you figure out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Adpater - just for temporary check

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UPDATE: I had a spare Leviton Decora 6631 600W incandescent dimmer laying around and tried it. It works perfectly. Problem solved.

So to summarize my experiences for folks that may be using these lamps:

Ecosmart ECO4-575L (edison base): Works with Lutron Diva 153 CFL/LED dimmer.

Ecosmart ECO4-575L-GU24 (GU24 base): Works with Leviton Decora 6631 600W incandescent dimmer. Does NOT work with Lutron Diva 153 or Lutron Diva 603.

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Does anyone else have any experiences to share regarding dimmers for the Ecosmart GU24 recessed lights?

I have just purchased a large number of the Ecosmart GU24s lights for my house and will need to buy dimmers for them.

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Use Lutron CL dimmers

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I can't think of any reason the GU24 and Edison/E26 versions of the CR4/CR6 or Ecosmart equivalents should have any effect whatsoever on which dimmers work well with them. There have been some design changes in the Cree lamps over time though, so the differences are probably just comparing old vs. new, not GU24 vs. Edison.

I don't live in California or other T24 state, so Home Depot sells only the Edison-base Cree Ecosmarts in their stores. Since the ECO-575L (a.k.a. CR6) first became available, the stated wattage has dropped from 10.5 to 9.5 watts, lumens are up from 575 to 625, it's now rated for wet locations (i.e. in shower stall) rather than just damp, and the three swing-out tabs have been redesigned.

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"Lights and dimmer match and are approved by one another. However, it seems Lutron hasn't tested/approved the dimmer with the GU24 version of these lights, "

Only one of these two statements here can be correct.

Your flickering would indicate first statement "Lights and dimmer match and are approved by one another." is false based just on the second statement, " Lutron hasn't tested/approved the dimmer with the GU24 version of these lights."

And in 6 months the light or dimmer could have changed enough to make what you have now no longer work with newer items.

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I need to pick my dimmer this week and am now having second thoughts. Anyone else have the issue the OP found?

It looks like Cree just updated their dimmer compatibility list a few days ago:

Cree CR series dimmer compatiblity list

Note that none of the LED dimmers (including the Lutron CL dimmers) have been tested to support more than 10 fixtures per dimmer, according to Cree. To support up to 15 fixtures, Cree actually recommends the Lutron DV-10P incandescent dimmer (as well as a few others).

If you look at the Lutron CL Series compatibility list, it notes that the regular CR4, the regular CR6, and the GU24 CR6 are compatible, but the GU24-version CR4 is conspicuously absent.

Lutron Diva CL Series Bulb Compatibility List

It might be that the incandescent dimmers work better, as the OP found.

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It has to be the same, except the connector. However, as Brickeyee indicated, either or both (dimmer, light) can have running changes in production that may have some effect.

I have used quite a few dimmer types (incandescent, CL, MLV), never a problem with either function or dimming. I have 43 Ecosmart/CR6s installed in my living room/kitchen, with from 1 to 7 per dimmer -- mostly Lutron Maestro CL. I've only bench tested the CR4, one at a time with various dimmers.

Because of high inrush current, Cree recommends that the rated wattage of the dimmer be something like 75 watts per light, rather than the actual 10 watts or so, at least for regular incandescent dimmers.

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