Ecosmart 575L too warm???? HELP!

BlackChamoisNovember 28, 2012

Does anyone else find the light appearance of the Ecosmart 575L too warm?

I installed 5 of these in my living room and 3 in the hall (and another 5 will be going in my kitchen) - much based on feedback from this forum and other sources/reviews. Now that they are in, everything looks soooo yellow!

It could be that I have been without lighting in these areas for about 7 mos now ... or maybe it's the RAM board on my floors, or my white primed walls ... that are throwing off my perception, but they are turning my off-white sofa to yellow!

Maybe my eyes are still acclimating, but HELP, I am worried that I made a really bad decision.

I will be putting them all on dimmers. Maybe that will help?

Has anyone else had this experience? Do you have any recommendations?

Thank you!!!

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Dimming will not make a difference.

HD/ Ecosmart now has a 5000k version, at least online. That may be too white for you. Sylvania RT6 and RT4 are a bit whiter, at 3000k, than the ones you have. The ones you have are actually slightly whiter than incandescent lights.

Here is a link that might be useful: 5000k downlights

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I suspect you are imagining it because you don't have a proper frame of reference to compare it to. I bought one the other day and put it in my kitchen next to the incandescents and am blown away at the simplicity of installation and the quality of the light. It is next to the incandescents and the incandescents appear very yellow in comparison.

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It depends on your preferences. Most people want warm white ~2700k at home so that it does not resemble typical office lighting.

Dimming will not improve looks as attofarad stated.

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attofarad - Thanks. I will check those out!

shappy - Thanks for sharing your experience. That makes me feel a little better, and you are probably right ... I'm sure a lot of it has to do with my frame of reference. I'll give it some time to get used to and see what I think after the rooms are painted.

davidtay - During the day it doesn't seem so bad, but in the evening it is a little intense. Again, I'm sure much of it has to do with the lack of color in my place at the moment. I will try to give it some time. Thank you for your comments.

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