Can I overload chandelier sockets with higher wattage bulbs?

cathy0429November 26, 2012

Hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving holiday. Great forum!!! I've learnt so much just lurking around here. :)

Today I have a problem to share. Hope you folks can help. This past week we had a new chandelier installed in our two story family room. Nice chandelier, but we missed the fact that it is rated for nine 15W Max Type B bulbs while ordering. :)

So the problem is that this lamp is not throwing out enough light for the room. Each 15W bulb seems so "less bright" to me. Our foyer lamp throws out more light with its three 40watt bulbs right now.

All bulbs (family room and foyer) are the same brand (GE clear) type B's. family has the clear 15W ones, foyer has the clear 40W ones.

So short of taking down and returning the chandelier, trying to see what else we can do here. Can we put 40W incandescent candelabra bulbs in our new nine bulb chandelier, or do we need to get another one with the higher rating?

Just for the sake of knowledge, can someone here also explain what the rating on each socket really means in a general layman sense? If I overload each socket, does that mean the wiring is going to burn down? or that the switch may trip?

Thanks so much,


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The concerns would be that too much heat would be generated, or that the wiring wouldn't stand the total current. How many bulbs are there?

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You might try LED candelabra bulbs. A 15 watt incandescent bulb is rated around 100 lumens. Some LED candelabra bulbs are rated in the 200-300 lumen range, yet draw just a few watts.

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I also suggest the LED lamps. One nearby church has replaced with the LED with great results.

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"LED candelabra bulbs"

Except most are as ugly as sin.

Only the top half is 'bulb.'
The bottom half is the power supply.

Horrible looking if you have clear glass hurricanes.

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will you have lamp shades on your candles? if so, you can go with fluorescent candelabra bulbs. they are not as expensive as LED ones, but not very pretty.

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