LG HE TL WT5101- I am very happy - so far

kmustackNovember 15, 2010

Hello All,

I thought I would post a review of my brand new LE HE TL 5101/5102 machines. I have owned them for the last 3 days, but today if the first day I could really use them because today is the first day my dryer was hooked up.

I purchased the 5101 washer and the 5102 (with steam) dryer after my 2nd HE FL in 7 years died. The first FL was a Frididaire and to be fair, when it was installed in my home, they forgot to remove all the packing bolts and therefore when I used the machine, I probably damaged it as a result. It lasted 2 years before it refused to spln every wash. My 2nd FL lasted 5 years. It was a Kenmore FL. At the end of it's life, it too refused to spin. I'm not against FL. I just didn't have luck with the ones I chose. I couldn't speak to their performance, because until I found this site, i didn't give much thought to my laundry. Now (maybe unfortunately?) that is not the case.

As a baseline, I have medium water and my hot water heater temp is set to 140 degrees. For comparison, for the past 7 years, I primarily used ALL Small & Mighty Free & Clear 2x or 3x. No other additives. No fabric softener in the wash, no dryer sheets.

I've been reading voraciously here for the last week+ while I was waiting for my new machines to be delivered/hooked up. In that time, I've shifted my thinking about what adequate means when it comes to laundry and if adequate is enough. Now that I have been visiting this site, I have revised my thinking about laundry detergent. Either correctly, or not.

Now, let me start my review by telling you what I've done with these very nice machines so far:

1st washer load:

Sanitize load - time = 3:20 minutes (WOW - WTH?)

A medium load of bath and dish towels on the sanitize cycle. I added 3/4 c. Percil universal megapearls to the detergent dispenser and 1/2 c. of baking soda directly in the drum right on top of the towels.

I stopped the washer a couple of times while it was filling during the initial wash cycle and the water felt VERY warm., not hot, and hot luke warm. A bit of a disappointment considering the temp of my hot water heater, but I will read up and see if I can better this performance.

While I was waiting all that time for the first wash to finish I thought I would throw a couple of my sweaters in the dryer on rinsed cycle. I forgot to watch through the window to see if the steam actually worked, but when I took my seaters out 39 minutes later the certainly looked and smelled better then when they went in, and contrary to some of the posts I've read here, they were bone dry.

So after the 3:20 sanitize wash cycle, my towels came out of the washer in such a way that I thought they might actually be fluffy when they dried. They felt clean, well rinsed and the fibers felt like they weren't matted down.

Sure enough, after a 55 minute SANITIZE cycle in the dryer they felt "somewhat" fluffy. What I feel to be an improvement, although maybe not a massive improvement, over towels I've washed and dried in my previous set of washer/dryer appliances.

So, the 2nd wash was most whites or what I call nearly whites (light colored or grey pajama pants, etc�). Done on a Bright Whites cycle w/ 1 extra rinse = 1.25 minutes. Better then 3:20, certainly. I added 3/4 c persil universal megapearls to the dispenser, 1/2 baking soda to the drum - this time half to the empty drum and 1/2 on top of the clothes. I also added 1 scoop of an oxy cleaner.

The towels go into the dryer on a towels cycle.

The towels feel great when they come out of the dryer, maybe a little scratchy, but again, until 2 weeks ago I wasn't this much into my laundry, so I couldn't say for sure better or worse then before.

In the meantime I've been watching the bright whites load currently in the machine. After reading many of the threads on this site, I was worried that maybe the washer would try to wash with an insufficient amount of water. i have so far not found this to be the case. The clothes are always immersed in water, even though the water level is well below the top of the drum since the loads have been relatively small so far relative to what this machine can handle.

So� now the whites/nearly whites are done. They certainly feel and look clean, but maybe not as clean as when I use bleach? Not entirely sure, so I will keep playing around with that. But certainly, with the tools I've given to the machine to wash with, the laundry has come out as good as one could expect, just maybe not as good as one could wish. Like i said though, jury is still out. After 3 washes, if I'm not seeing miracles, I'll reevaluate my chemistry, but for now I think the machinery is doing a great job.

The is very very minor twisting and knotting of the pajama pants, but certainly no worse, and perhaps even a little better then the twisting and knotting that i have experienced with my last two front loaders. It takes maybe 20 seconds to untangle. But again, a disappointment, the detergent in the dispenser is not 100% gone.

So the whites go in the dryer and now the 3rd load in put into the washer. This time it's a load of brights. I decide to do this on a normal cycle. Most of my brights are tagged to wash in warm, and the ones that aren't, I've made a conscious decision to wash on warm. Once again, 3/4 c of persil universal megapearls, 1 scoop of oxy cleaner, 1/2 c of baking soda.

The 2nd load has come out of the dryer. This time they went in on an anti-bacterial cycle. The come out of the dryer feeling dry and relatively soft.

Now the 3rd wash comes out. Everything feels good and smells nice. No tangles. Good so far. Into the dryer.

4th load goes into the washer. This time I have a couple of t-shirts that need a soak. So, a cotton normal cycle, with a 30 minute soak up front. 1/4 detergent with the wash, 1/8 cup in the despenser, 1/2 baking soda, 1 scoop oxy cleaner, 1 packet Time Free stain-release laundry booster, all go in with the soak. Along with those, I have more t-shirt, and some pants. I put the 3rd load of laundry in the dryer, this time cotton normal cycle.

45 mintues later, I hear a chime and I go look. The dryer is done, and the washer is done. Great. The clothes in the dryer are dry, and the clothes in the washer are�. dripping wet? WTH? So okay, something obviously went wrong, but since I didn't stick around to see what it was, it could have been the clothes didn't wash after the soak, or they did was after the soak, but the medium spin wasn't nearly as effective as I am used to and so they felt really wet to me.

So, I decide to wash them again, on a normal wash. I don't add anything extra to the wash, since I couldn't really say what happened in the last supposed wash. The only thing in the dryer at this point is a pair of thick microfiber socks that needed more time then the other dozens of items that were in the dryer with them. Wash done, clothes are spin "dry". They go into the dryer.

5th load goes in. This time a perm press cycle. Again, 1/4 c baking soda in the bottom of the drum and 1/4 c baking soda on the top of the clothes after loaded. 1 scoop oxy cleaner. 3/4 c Persil universal megapearls. I watch this load occasionally and I see the water lever is more the adequate. It certainly submerges the clothes as well as any top load washer I've ever used.

5th load comes out. The load in the dryer is clean and fluffy. Feels great, smells great. The load in the washer also feels great, smells great.


Laundry feels as clean if not cleaner then previous FL washers.

No suds in final rinse like there was in previous FL washers.

No twisting or knotting of clothes.

Can wash fairly small loads in spite of 5.2 cf capacity.


Sanitize cycle takes 3:20 minutes.

Water probably not as hot as 158 degrees for sanitize cycle. But I didn't measure the actual temp. Definitely hot though, not just luke warm.

Something mysterious happened after soak cycle with a cotton cycle to follow that caused me to think maybe the wash cycle wasn't completed. Not sure what exactly that was. I solved by initiating a normal wash.

What I've learned:

I think I am under using the detergent. I don't think I am using the recommended amount. Next week I will use the recommended amount for medium water/heavy soil and see if I get different results. I also bought Tide HE powder, so in 1 week I will try that instead of the Persil.

Getting optimum results from your washer takes more thought then just throw in the laundry, throw in what you think is the correct amount of detergent, pick a cycle that kind of sounds like what you have in the washer and wait for the results.

I love the smell of a scented laundry detergent in the wash room, although the Persil seems to leave little if no smell in the laundry after drying. That may or may not be a good thing. Jury is out.

Take away:

I am very happy with my new HE TL washer I read a lot of bad reviews about HE TLs in general, although none about the LG in particular. However I found that tales of twisted and knotted laundry are greatly over stated, or at least I haven't experienced this. I have seen that the washer uses the proper amount of water to submerge the clothes, but not so much that it is wasteful. There are occasional times that a piece of clothing is not submerged in the water, but 2 minutes later it is.

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Great review of the LG set, I ordered mine yesterday so I have to wait for it to come in. If you are using persil, why all the other laundry additives? Yes sanitary cycle takes a while to run, allowing time for the water to get hot enough in the machine. I am use to this as my current FL has this feature, but the long time is no issue to me. I already knew about the thumbed down wash temps, most all manufactures do that now to save energy.

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Why all the other additives? I couldn't really tell you, other then to say I've gone nuts over laundry the last two weeks. But seriously, I realized 5 loads in that I was using 1/2 the Persil I thought I was (duh!), so 1/2 the recommended amount. so it might be a good thing I used the baking soda since it is supposed to boost the performance of the detergent (I think). I used the oxy cleaner because I've always felt it does a good job and my husband has a tendency to get extra dirty and stinky, and I used the Tide
stain release on an what i felt was an especially stained load. I'm just experimenting though, so by the time all is said and done I might just be using Tide HE powder and nothing else.

My comments were more about the machines and less about detergents/additives. That was really more meant to be anecdotal.

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"Getting optimum results from your washer takes more thought then just throw in the laundry, throw in what you think is the correct amount of detergent, pick a cycle that kind of sounds like what you have in the washer and wait for the results."
Well said. I keep trying to get this point across to people. Much of the trashtalk toward HE TLs comes from FL snobs. Much comes from people not knowing what they're doing with it and not willing to learn how to use a different technology than they're used to using.

My sister just bought a new HE TL. I've been looking since I have no idea how long my washer will last. I don't think a FL would be cost effective for me so an HE TL might be a good compromise.

Was looking at the LG. Really was impressed but the one thing that troubled me about it is that the the heater only works on the Bright Whites and Sanitize cycles. I don't quite understand the Stain Care cycle and they don't seem to want to explain it. It sounds like the heater should work but they said it does not work on the Stain Care.

Thanks for the update on your machine. Hope to hear more how things are going as you use it some more. Hope you enjoy it and get many decades of faithful service.

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Congrats on your purchase! I'm glad to see that not everyone is mesmerized by front loaders and their outrageous prices. I didn't look before, but my WT5101 top loader also qualifies me for my state's energy rebate program. Might want to check your state to see if you qualify as well.

(how about that drum size?! it's a friggin cavern that children can get lost in...)

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Stain Care just adds more time to the wash cycle I believe, but please do not quote me on this. I will know more after I recieve my LG late next month and can use it. I will surely miss my FL, it had been excelent to me the last 9 years

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Actually, you can't even use the Extra Hot on the Bright Whites. It's only available on the Sanitary cycle.

As for Stain Care, I didn't even notice that option until you just mentioned it. I just found this comment about StainCare on one of their front loaders:

StainCare™ Option - LG offers a unique cycle that efficiently removes a variety of stains by gradually raising the temperature level

I imagine it works the same on the top loaders.

I did a few more loads today. Mostly bedding. I did my sheets and blankets in one load on a sanitize cycle and about 2 hours and 45 plus minutes into the cycle it must of gone out of balance. No problem, I kind of expected it, except for the fact that I was on the phone with work at the time and if you don't address the balance problem within 4 minutes, the washer drains. When I redistributed the load and pressed the start button, thinking the cycle would start up where it left off, the estimated cycle time went showed 3 hours and 20 minutes - the estimated time of the original cycle. I figured even my dog hair loaded sheets and blankets didn't need 6 hours of sanitizing. So I rewashed them on the Bright Whites cycle, no out of balance this time, which was a plus.

I also did a couple of blankets we keep on the couch (also loaded with dog hair/dirt tracked in from the dogs) on the Heavy Duty setting. I was very pleased with the results. Stains that haven't come out in the last 2 or 3 washes in my FL seem to have magically disappeared in one wash in my new TL. Of course, I suspect it has a lot more to do with detergent/additives/cycle selection then it did the actual machine. Still, it made me happy.

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I just want to clear up a misconception I've read in a few of the other threads lately about the function of the heater.

The LG HE TL heater works in any cycle that uses the Extra Hot/Cold or Hot/Cold setting. This information can be found in the manual under the Wash/Rinse Cycle Modifier Button data. There is also a section in the front of the manual that says the heater works in Sanitary and Bright Whites cycles, but that is not meant to be exclusive of any cycle you choose and then change the temperature setting to Hot/Cold. I believe it specifically mentions Sanitary and Bright Whites because those are the only two cycles that default to Extra Hot/Cold and Hot/Cold.

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The LG manual is not too clear about what Stain Care does - it only says you cannot use it with Cold Wash. The Kenmore manual, however, has a little more info about what the button does on their version of this machine:

Stain Treat
Use this option to wash loads with multiple types of soils. With this option, the water temperature is raised in three steps to optimize cleaning performance. During the final wash step, the water is heated and maintained at the highest temperature for that cycle for 10 minutes.
NOTE: The best results are obtained with smaller loads (less than 6 Ibs).


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"The LG HE TL heater works in any cycle that uses the Extra Hot/Cold or Hot/Cold setting. This information can be found in the manual under the Wash/Rinse Cycle Modifier Button data. There is also a section in the front of the manual that says the heater works in Sanitary and Bright Whites cycles, but that is not meant to be exclusive of any cycle you choose and then change the temperature setting to Hot/Cold. I believe it specifically mentions Sanitary and Bright Whites because those are the only two cycles that default to Extra Hot/Cold and Hot/Cold."

Not according to the email I got from LG:
"Thank you for contacting LG Electronics. Our sincere apologies for any inconvenience you are going through.
The unit’s heater only goes on those two cycles BRIGHT WHITES and SANITARY which use the extra hot temperature, the heater goes on to maker sure the extra hot temperature of 147 degrees Fahrenheit is kept during the cycle. The stain care option extended the wash cycle time to enhance performance but the heater wont come on if that option is added to a cycle.
For any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us again either via email, or by calling our customer service division at 800-243-0000 at your convenience.
Luis F.
E-mail Administrator
LGEAI : Customer Interactive Center(emphasis added)

I saw the part about Stain Care gradually raising the temperature but according to the emails I got from LG, at least in the TL unit, it *only* adds time and does not use the heater.

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Km, thanks for writing the review!

I'm a little concerned about the need for balanced load in a spin. Am I right that you've done not too many loads and two have gone off balance?

I'm dealing with an old Maytag right now that won't spin totally dry if I do a load of towels with a couple of shirts, or one pair of jeans mixed in with t shirts. It's driving me crazy and I sure don't want the same problem with a new machine.

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@gbsim: Confirmed today on the washer and dryer. I intentionally overloaded it (to the top, gasket level). It was a test and the test passed with flying colors. By time the washer was finished filling with water, the clothes naturally dropped in height to about 2/3 full. The wash cycle nicely rotated all clothes from top to bottom. Spin cycle tossed everything to the side and came out fairly dry.
Tossing into the dryer, it initially started off at 50min, then quickly dropped down to about 40min. Since the dryer has the moisture sensing, it did it's job. 40min later, freshly overloaded and dry clothes.

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I have done about 15 loads and only one large load with all large items went off balance, and honestly I expected it. The items in the washer were all sheets and a quilt. The quilt is quite heavy. The load was doomed in my opinion. I'm not put off at all by the fact that it went off balance. I wish it hadn't, but to me the big deal was the fact that when it did, I only had 4 minutes to respond.

Hope that helps.

To cynic. I don't believe it. Sorry, I know you got the email, but customer service is notoriously uninformed when it comes to what the machines actually do. I think they read directly out of their version of the manual as to when the hot water heater is used, which if not identical to the customer version of the manual is probably pretty close. The data sheet on the machine cycles indicates that the hot water heater is used whenever Extra Hot/Cold or Hot/Cold water temps are selected. If I can figure out a way to prove that I'd be more then happy to give it a try.

BTW, the manual has a couple, not many, but a couple, of blatant english errors in it. That alone leads me to not blindly believe only the page that describes the function of the water heater and to totally disregard the page that describes the washing temps. Logically it makes sense that it would be a combination of the two. I hope I'm not wrong.

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Just to point out how wrong customer service can be, the Bright Whites cycles does NOT use the Extra Hot temp. It uses Hot/Cold. You can't even manually select Extra Hot. It is also my impression that the heater works in any cycle where you have Extra Hot and Hot water temps.

I agree with kmustack. So much for customer service.

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Well, if anyone wants to get the full info on the washer: the service manual is available from searspartsdirect.com for $25.99.

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Whirlpool trainee, is that manual for the LG wave force washer? If so, how do I get it? Since I bought the set and wont ger it until 12/28 I want to know all I can about it and so forth.

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You go to www.searspartsdirect.com and enter "WT5101", select Model Search and hit Go.

Clicking on any of the three exploded views will bring up a parts list, which has the service manual (*004) in it. Don't know if the direct link below works - just try.


Here is a link that might be useful: Direct Link

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If you can read the owners manual, I don't think there is much point in buying the service manual if the only thing you want to know is does the heater work in every cycle where you have selected, manually or otherwise, Extra Hot/Cold or Hot/Cold wash temps.

Page 7, under Special Features:
The heater inside washer increases water temperature and provides better cleaning for SANITARY and BRIGHT WHITES™ cycle.

Okay, that statement would make you believe that the washer only uses the heater in the Sanitary and Bright Whites cycle, IF the rest of the manual wasn't attached. Even this statement is contradictory, since the header is SANITARY CYCLE WATER HEATER and the description says Sanitary and Bright Whites. However, it does NOT say ONLY for Sanitary and Bright Whites. Keep reading the manual.

Page 20, under Cycle Modifier Buttons Wash/Rinse:
Your washer features a heating element to boost the hot water temperature for Extra Hot/Cold or Hot/Cold settings.

Okay, that's pretty clear right. It will boost the hot water temperature for Extra Hot/Cold or Hot/Cold. So why did the description of the heater say Sanitary and Bright Whites? I think it's because those are the only two cycles where the washer defaults to those two temps. That information can be found on page 15, under cycle guide. Now, I realize that there are those who just refuse to believe their eyes, or have some deeper trust in customer service even through those same people could probably list off a half dozen times when this customer service rep or that customer service rep had absolutely no idea what they were talking about. If you fall into either of those categories, then just keep reading the owners manual, because yes, there's more.

Also on page 20, under Cycle Modifier buttons, this time look at the ColdWash description:
Use this option to eliminate using the built-in water heater booster. For maximum efficiency, wash only small loads. (less than 8 lbs.).
So okay, you're telling me that they included a ColdWash button to turn off the heater on the only two cycles that actually use the heater?

Ummm, okay, does anyone see a problem with the argument that the washer only works in the Sanitary cycle (which can ONLY use Extra Hot/Cold wash temps) and the Bright Whites cycle (which can only use Hot/Cold and Warm/Cold wash temps)? But IF you don't like the fact that you paid an extra $100 to get the heater that will ensure you maintain those temps which in fact is actually the only way you could achieve a Sanitary wash (and many here would believe the Bright Whites too), then LG was smart enough to let you turn off that very expensive heater you just bought that only works in two cycles (actually only the sanitary cycle, if you believe someone on another thread).

Personally, using my reading comprehension skills that I was taught early on, I believe that the heater will work in ANY cycle if you MANUALLY select Extra Hot/Cold wash/rinse temps. And it ALSO works in the Sanitary cycle, and will work in the Bright Whites cycle IF you keep the default Hot/Cold wash temp selected.

Now, I also think it works in the StainCare cycle, but since the manual is SO unclear as to how this cycle works, I'm not even going to go there.

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The ColdWash description can be found on page 22.

I should have said that I believe the heater will work in any cycle where you manually select Extra Hot/Cold AND Hot/Cold wash temps.

My reading comprehension is good, it's evidently my writing and proof reading skills that need a bit of work. :-)

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Whirlpool Trainee, thats for the help, I will purchases the manual for my machine.

LaundryLady, I like having that manual so I can learn all about how this machine works, other than just what cycles the heater will work in. When My extended warranty run out, I will repair it if needed. I am not the kind of person that switches a washer out just because it may need a small repair. I too have excellent reading and comphrension skills so I feel confident that I could make a repair if needed on it. I agree the owners manual will make you believe all sorts of things as to when the heater does work on the cycles. BTW, I have service manuals on both my cars too which are 10-20 yrs old and repair them

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I have had this washer/dryer set since August 2010. I can tell you first hand the heater only works on the Sanitary cycle and the Bright Whites cycle. I have used hot water for the Cotton/Normal and Heavy Duty cycles and the water was cooler than it was when the cycle first started.

When using the Sanitary and Bright Whites cycles, the water was notably hotter. The Bright Whites cycles soaks the clothes while heating the water and intermittenly agitates.

My water heater is set at 140 degrees. I turn off the cold water when selecting hot water for any cycle. This machines does add cold water to the hot water when you select hot water.

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So Washerman, havent heard from you in a while. Are you still happy with your set, any good or bad surprises? I ordered mine, wont get it till 12/28

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Hi gates1,

It has been awhile. I've been working alot of OT. Christmas is right around the corner.

I am still very happy with my set. The only problem I am having is my washer's final spin speed always spin at the Extra High speed when using Cotton/Normal cycle or when I am just using the spin only option. It spins at this speed during the last minute of the final spin cycle even when I have selected a slower spin speed. I don't know if others have had this problem or not. I don't know if this is normal.

If others are not having this issue, I will call the service tech during my holiday vacation and see if someone can come out and inspect it.

Congratulations on getting your set. Your set will be delivered on my 43rd birthday :) I hope you enjoy.

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Yea, I am excited about getting the set, never had a steam dryer before. I know all about workingthat over time. Its been mandatory for me since July...IM OVER IT! LOL. Good to hear that you are enjoying your set as well.

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I suspect it's intentional, to improve the Modified Energy Factor which is used to qualify for tax credits. Miele does the same thing on the W48XX washers -- the Normal cycle (the one on which the heater is disabled) is locked to Max Spin. This doesn't explain the spin-only option being locked to the highest speed, though.

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I had to put my first service call in for my washer. I went to Best Buy and they had a washer plugged up for demonstration. I selected the spin only cycle and low spin speed and the washer spun at a slow speed as it should. No matter what spin speed I select on my washer, it spins at the extra high speed.

I hope this is not a sign of things to come. I really do love my washer but now I am having doubts.

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My LG HE TL WT5101 was delivered yesterday. I have done about 5 loads and am so far satisfied. I am disappointed however in the heating element Extra Hot Option. Mine is only an option for the Sinitizer Cycle (and it says so in the users manual). So, it is not really an option at all. It is not an option in the Bright Whites cycle. There is not way to turn it on unless you are using the Sanitary cycle. This is odd, being that many of you say it is. I called customer service to confirm this. I am disappointed because I was really looking forward to washing my sheets/towels/and kitchen rags in really hot water, but now I find I can only do that if I use the sanitary cycle which is 3+ hours long. I do not have the time. Also, I found (and confirmed with customer service) that you cannot undo an option once it is pressed. I accidently pressed the extra rinse (2X!) and could not turn in off so my laundry was rinsed twice. Only way to cancel an option is to turn off the machine and cancel the entire load and start over. So, I am disappointed with these issue but overall still satisfied.

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Regards to the sanitary cycle being 3+ hrs ... if you could use the water heating option on other cycles, the 3hrs time would likely be much the same. This is a 120volt 15amp machine, water heating is restricted to probably 1,100 to 1,200 watts (like a hair dryer or portable space heater) which takes time ... it's not like a 220volt 30amp to 60amp household water heater.

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cooks 44, yes you can delete the extra rinse on your washer, I can do it on mine, it states it on page 22 of your owners manual, press it three time to deselect it. Also the heating element works in the bright whites cycle as stated in your owners manual on page 2. Customer service is not always the most informed people, they read information of generic cards of information. We have the same machine.

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Gates1, I must have a newer/different version because the extra hot option does not light up on the the bright whites cycle, no matter how many times I press the temp option button when on the bright whites cycle. The owners manual shows that this is only an option for the Sanitary cycle (page 15 in my users guide)and that is the only cycle I can get it to work on. My page 2 is just the table of contents. I have the WT5101H (5.2 capacity and 14 cycles) in grey and I just got it on 1/2/11. I cannot find anywhere in the manual about pressing the button 3 times to deselect the extra rinse, but I will definitely try it and let you know. Thanks, I hope it works.

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You cannot select the Extra Hot option except on the Sanitary Cycle. However, the heater does heat the water for the Bright Whites cycle. I turn off the cold water when I select this cycle and allow only the hot water to enter. The water gets very hot (my water heater is set at 140 degrees) by the end of the wash stage of this cycle due to the heater heating the water. Don't forget to turn on the cold water when the washer is through filling for the washing stage.

As for the 3 rinses, you must select the amount of rinses before you press start. The Bright Whites cycle is programmed to rinse the clothes 2 times. If you select 3 rinses by mistake, you must deselect before you press start. You can tell how many rinses you select by the amount of time it will take for the cycle to complete. The higher the time, the more rinses.

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Cooks44, Washerman is correct about the use of the heater. When you use bright whites cycle, the heater will boost the wash temperature, but not as hot as the sanitary cycle. If time is a factor when using the sanitary cycle, then I suggest using the delay start and have a load of clothes done first thing in the morning. I got my washer on 1/1/11. I have the sme washer as you, only in white, 14 cycles, 5.2 capacity.

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Cooks44, it tells you on page 7 that the heater works on the santitary and bright whites cycle.

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gates1, thanks for all the info, I do see that on page 7. I am still pretty satisfied, as all my clothes seem to come out very clean; I am just still trying all the cycles and varying the amount of soap to see what works best for our kind of dirt. I have an 8 year old boy (nuf said). So far, have only found 1 shirt with a stain remaining.

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Does anyone have a problem with smaller loads becoming unbalanced. I've owned the washer 2 weeks and have done approximately 15 loads and so far 2 have given me the uE error and extended the wash to rebalance the load. One load didn't recognize it was unbalanced but the tub was almost violently swaying side to side, the sheets were balled up on one side, and there wasn't enough water in there to move the clothes at all. This was only one set of queen sheets. I stopped the cycle, redistributed everything and the pressed the extra water button. It seemed a little better after this, but it's frustrating that I find myself needing to watch every load to make sure it's working properly. To me it seems the washer works better with larger loads, but does not work so well with smaller loads. Has anyone else come to this conclusion? Also, my washer has never had any jet spray action, where it's spinning very fast and the water is shooting from the top onto the clothes. Is this normal? Should I see this on every wash? Another issue I'm having is I was using powder detergent (only half of what is recommended by Tide on the box)...and after each wash cycle I stopped it and looked in the dispenser and over half of the detergent was still inside. This happened on every wash, cold, warm, hot, it didn't matter. I emailed LG and attached a picture and their response was to switch to liquid detergent. And my last question is, has anyone noticed the tub "creeking?" This started about 5 washes ago and it creeks like an old rocking chair. I can hear it from the next room with the door closed. I'm wondering if I need to have a service person come out.

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The GE Harmony machine that I had was very quiet at first, then it began to develop that annoying creek everytime the wash plate changed direction. Drove the dog crazy! I would close the laundry room door so I didn't have to hear it. (the creek, not the dog)


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We have had ours for about the same time and have not had any problems. Make sure that the machine is level side to side and front to back...

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I noticed on mine that if I wash a single set of sheets on any cycle besides Bedding/Bulky, I may run into an unbalanced situation. I do all bedding on the bedding/bulky cycle which adds more water and the machine runs just fine.

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