Motion detector lights.

gardenandcatsOctober 18, 2011

I am in the process of having a two story workshop/garage built.We are doing the finish work ourselves. we want a motion detector light that will come on when we start to walk towards the new building..I have read so many reviews and almost all of them are very negative. The lights stay on all the time.Or they stop working after a few months. ect ect.

Can anyone recommend a mid price outside motion detector light? That will work? thanks

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Get a separate motion sensor.

They are electronic, do fail (especially if poorly grounded or lightening is common in the area) and a separate one is easier to replace than finding special parts for an integrated unit.

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I looked online at many lighting sites and I can not find any place that sells separate motion sensors?? Is there such a thing?

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I recently saw motion detector LED flood lights at Costco for $59, use only 22 watts and gives outout of over 200 watts. its worth trying and if it fails, you can always take it back to costco.
Appeared well built too!

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Try an actual electric supply house

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