Pendant Lighting Over Island

trinintybayOctober 27, 2010

Our island is 74 1/2 long with 36" area for the sink. The electrician has put the wiring for the 3 pendant lights 18" apart with the center pendant light centered over the middle of the sink. They look bunched up to me and with only 18" between them, what size pendants could I get? I would appreciate suggestions on how far apart pendant lighting should be placed on a 6 foot bar (74 1/2". We do have canned lighting in the kitchen also.

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so from the first pendant to the third, it is 36 inches? If that is the case I agree with you. Your entire island should be illuminated when using pendants and I can't imagine yours will be.

I don't know about the exact spacing, but maybe center, and out half way from there on each side? I guess, I saying, 1/3 in, middle, and 1/3 again

Wait on an expert or ask a lighting fixture store, not big box store.

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Thanks for your comments Debbie. I put the wrong measurements in my post. The island is 9 feet (granite edge to granite edge). The way the wiring it spans the center 36" only.

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At 18" apart, your lights are approximately at quarter points, so personally I think that is ideal (from a visual perspective). A friend of mine has a similar size island to yours and has her lights at quarter points. She has 12" pendants and they offer plenty of light for the entire surface. I think the size will depend on the style you select. In my previous kitchen, I had a 60" island with only one pendant centred over the sink. It was perfect for us, as we also had potlights and plenty of sunlight (3 full height windows, w/ patio door).

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dndsmom - Your right about the quarter points if it was the 74 1/2" that I originally posted. But that measurement is incorrect. The actual island is 9' granite edge to granite edge. But you have given me a good idea about quarter points. With 108" that would be 27" apart. I'm going to take some string and some paper plates and go across the road and hang these at different intervals to see how they look. Thanks so much for your comments.

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Took my paper plates over to the house and hung them to make sure they looked right to me. I kept one centered and then moved out 27" on either side of the center one. Thanks for your help.

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