Fisher Paykel GW11 no power after investigating control board

adelahuntNovember 22, 2010

How can I make my machine power on again?

It all started when my machine went off balance and I had no idea how to re-balance it. I found instructions online for checking the Off Balance Switch. As per the directions, I removed the power plug, opened the control board and unplugged that so I could turn it over to look at the OOB switch underneath. When I put it all back together, the machine would not power on. There is good power to it, and the OOB was not damaged, so I thought all would be well.

Now I see instructions for "setting the machine size" but am not sure if I need to do that so it powers on again. Can't even find out what size my machine is (the service manual says it would be either 5kg, 6kg, or 7kg.)

Frustrated because machine was working so well before it went off balance with an unevenly distributed load (heavy bath rug and two towels)

Can anyone tell me what to do next? Thanks so much for any help.

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Setting the machine size shouldn't be necessary unless the main board has been replaced with a new board that hasn't yet had a size programmed into it. The size can't be set if the machine won't power on, so you have some other problem happening. That being said, all U.S. models are the largest size.

If the machine goes off-balance during spin, you simply open the lid, rearrange the clothes, close the lid and press Start to continue the cycle. There shouldn't be a need to disassemble and examine the OOB switch unless some other problem is happening that requires it.

Open the console again and make sure all the board connectors are seated, including the wires from the touch panel board on the console cover that connect to the main board down inside.

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After opening the console once again, I believe you are right in that my problem is that the wires between the main board and the touch panel board are not correctly seated.

Is there a diagram anywhere that shows how it should be inserted? I know where it is inserted, but the wires that I am connecting have a plastic head with small indents and metal parts inside....when I look into the hole that I originally pulled them out of, I just see a void. I don't see anything the wires are connecting to, inside the touch panel. There does seem to be a small metal cylinder inside, but other than that it is all black.

It makes sense that my wires want to connect to something that will fill the little indents in the connector (like a male to female connection.)

If you know of a diagram that will allow me to see exactly how to make that connection, please let me know.

Thanks for you help.

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The various wire connectors are different sizes so they should only fit to the proper locations on the board. If the pin connectors inside the display board plug came loose, then of course it's not going to make contact. The display board is what gives the machine its "personality" (the same motor board is used on more than one model), so the machine will effectively be dead if the display board doesn't connect.

This picture shows where the display board connects to the main board. Follow the white wires to where the plug connects at the right rear near the plastic tube. I'm sorry, I'm not following what you're saying about a void, a small metal cylinder, or something being all black. I'm afraid you may have disconnected something the wrong way. Did you perhaps pull the wires out of the touch panel inside the console cover? Or pull the wires out of the white connector plug?

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