Maytag Bravos Wash Temps

gates1November 10, 2010

I contacted Maytag and finally got a response to what the wash temperaatures are on the bravos with the internal heater. Is this sad or what?

Thank you for the reply. We apologize for the delay in response.

The model number MVWB850WL0 has an internal heater for the sanitize cycle. The water temperatures for the water settings on your washer are listed below. They are approximate within 5-10 degrees variance.

1) cold- 65 degrees

2) cool - 70-75 degrees

3) warm - 80-85 degrees

4) hot - 85 - 95 degrees

5) sanitize - 120 to 125 degrees.

Our Customer Loyalty Team provides personalized assistance to help you select a comparable Maytag washer. The specialist will have access to features, dimensions, and accessories which can help you make the best decision as to which appliance would best suit your needs. If interested, our Customer Loyalty Division may be reached by dialing 1-800- 542-4072.

Thank you for contacting Maytag.

Please let us know if you have any further concerns.

Now I know why they say for the sanitary cycle to work, one must use oxiclean

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Hmmm ... the internal water heater on my washer can be used on many cycles (for both hot and warm water), not just the Sanitize cycle. Also, the hot water temp definitely feels much hotter than that to my touch when I use the water heater. To me, the unheated temps (except Sanitize; I haven't checked that cycle) feel like they are those temps. JMHO

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That's just crazy.

I'm not sure how much "boosting" the water heater in the Bravos is capable of - unless the cycle isn't extended for...ever. I know the GE Harmony offered a Super Clean cycle that heated cold water to 140F but it also took three hours.

I guess the only way to really tell is to run such a washer on various cycles and check the temp at the beginning and the end of the main wash.

For what's it worth, this is the temp table from the GE Harmony washers, which are made by LG.

GE Harmony without heater:
Tap Cold 60ðF
Cold 66ðF
Warm 90ðF
Hot 120ðF

Discontinued GE Harmony with heater and touch screen:
Tap Cold Varied
Cold 63ðF
Warm 80ðF
Hot 112ðF
Very Hot 140ðF

Too bad they no longer sell this one. It's successor has nowhere near as many options.


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Mara, I was shocked when I read that email. I cant beleive that I got correct information on the bravos. How can 120 water be even considered "Sanitizing"? I must of gotten wrong information, no surprise there. You have always enjoy your washer because you talk about it giving a truel hot and warm wash, and you do have this model. I will try to call maytag and see what the deal is.

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Current production MVWB850WL0 could have different temps from Mara's machine. This might be one reason why they don't print the temperatures in the manual, so they can change them at will. Also, the lower temperatures are consistent with the internal heater being for the sanitize cycle only. In the great majority of plumbing setups, the heater would never activate for that "hot" setting, much less the cooler ones.

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The internal heater can be used on all cycles except, soak, cleantub, delicate and may one more. It is a seperate button that you push "clean boost" It is clearly stated in the manual. If these are the temps with the heater on, I wont consider it any farther for my next purchase

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The MVWB800xx is listed as a Sanitizing Washer per NSF. Keep in mind that we're talking about sanitizing here - not disinfecting. Oxygen bleach is a sanitizer if given the water is hot enough. Only chlorine bleach will "sanitize" and disinfect in cold water.


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I just got off the phone with Maytag, the temps that were emailed to me, are incorrect. Customer service didnt know where the info came from. The temps she gave me are as follows:
ATC cold 70
Warm 90
Hot 120
Sanitize 153

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In the original letter, the sentence "The model number MVWB850WL0 has an internal heater for the sanitize cycle" appears to exclude other cycles. With those temperatures it doesn't matter anyway, the heater is hardly necessary.

For all you know, the original letter could be correct, and the info you just got on the phone is wrong.

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Suburbanmd, yes you are correct on how that email states the heaters use. BUT the owners manual on that model states that the heater can be used on other cycles for warm and hot wash to maintain and boost the temp. I have to agree that the second set of temps may be incorrect after reading what Whirlpool trainee stated above, that the washer is a santizing washer with the aid of oxyclean to be used. That way the water does not have to be as hot. Anyway, BRavos is off my list now, customer service cannot give consistant answers. Plus I do not use or like oxyclean, so if it is required to use in this machine, than it is not for me sorry to say.

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gates, the updated info you received is definitely accurate per my washer. Also, I do not believe the OxiClean is required to sanitize. I prefer it over Clorox, but I do not always use it.

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I find the 2nd set of numbers to be more reasonable ... but the ONLY way to know for sure is get one's hands on a machine and test it. Even the tech sheets and service manuals I've seen for Bravos and Cabrio machines do not list target temperatures. Testing ATC is done by selecting a warm fill and checking after fill is complete that the resultant temp in the tub is within a specific range (such as 85ðF +/- 5ðF). Or by testing the resistance reading of the thermistor against a table of what the reading should be at various temperature ranges.

NOTE that the user manual for MVWB850WL says: "ATC is available with Warm/Warm, Warm/Cold, and Cool/Cold settings. The water temperature in the Hot/Cold and Cold/Cold settings depends on the water temperature at the water inlet faucets."

Again ... The water temperature in the Hot/Cold and Cold/Cold settings depends on the water temperature at the water inlet faucets. Assuming that is correct, Hot is tap-hot, not limited by ATC.

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Mara, according to yor owners manual, it clearly states to use and oxygen based additive to the sanitary cycle to get the sanitation benefits.

Dadoes, I understand cmpletely what your saying, my question to Maytage was...How hot does the heater take the machine in a hot wash, not sanitize wash, I was told, 120 degrees, give or take. I understand all about in coming hot water from a house hot water heater, thats not my point. I wanted to know what the temps are for washing in the whites cycle with the heater on in the machine. I have certainly recieved better information from LG regarding temps in both of there HE TL and FL machine. TOday I found out that in the FL cold is 85, warm is 105, hot 120, and sanitize is between 153-161. The heater works in any cycle using hot water and/or the sanitary cycle.

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Per the user manual, the Bravos heater is on by default with the Sanitary cycle, but can be selected with all the other cycles to maintain (and perhaps boost) the selected temperature. Heavy Duty, Whites, Bulky, Sheets, Normal, Power Wash, Colors/Towels, Rapid Wash, and Hand Wash can all use the "Clean Boost with Heater" option ... which covers all the cycles around the dial except Soak, Rinse & Spin, Drain & Spin, and the Clean Washer function. What those target temps are in-use can be known only by testing. Perhaps Mara could do that? I'd be game for it, but I don't have a Bravos or a spare $1,200 to get one. Per other Whirlpool/Maytag machines with ATC, the target temps probably vary per the selected cycle ... hot on Hand Wash for example is likely not as high as hot on Heavy Duty.

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I'm inclined to believe the original letter because it's so outrageous, in a "you can't make this stuff up" way.

As for LG: My LG FL, which I owned for a short time a couple of years ago, mixed cold with hot when filling for a hot wash. The incoming hot water was nowhere near 120F. I paused it and felt the clothes at the end of the wash cycle, and they were lukewarm. This was before I got a Kill-A-Watt meter and an instant-read thermometer, so I can't tell you much more.

Measurements in Mara's machine might or might not apply to current production.

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After Mara's input a while back where she said the heater works in a variety of cycles I found the manual for the Bravos online and saw what's been said so far. I'm skeptical about the initial temps, but it does specify very clearly to use oxy for meeting the NSF sanitize.

Now the LG HE TL lost my consideration because its heater only works in 2 cycles, sanitize and bright whites. Their "stain care" cycle suggests that the heater works but according to LG it does not - it only extends the time frame, now how that is supposed to heat the water as it says it does, IDK.

Mara, is there a chance you could check the actual, in tub temperature some time and report back? I'd find that interesting.

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The LG HE TL heater works in any cycle that uses the Extra Hot/Cold or Hot/Cold setting. There is a section in the front of the manual that says the heater works in Sanitary and Bright Whites cycles, but that is not exclusive of any cycle you choose and then change the temperature setting to Hot/Cold. I believe it specifically mentions Sanitary and Bright Whites because those are the only two cycles that default to Extra Hot/Cold and Hot/Cold.

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kmustack, on what do you base that? I quoted more of the email from LG in the other thread but this is from LG:
"The unitâÂÂs heater only goes on those two cycles BRIGHT WHITES and SANITARY which use the extra hot temperature"

BTW, my understanding is Extra Hot is only available on the sanitary cycle. Hot/Cold is apparently available only on Bright Whites. The heater does not work on the Stain Care cycle - it only adds time to the wash cycle (on the WT5101HV).

Now I'll give the caveat that it's certainly possible that LG customer service can be wrong so if you have tested the machine and show differently, please let us know.

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