Megabrite undercabinet lights

ashikOctober 2, 2012

Costco is selling Megabrite Wireless Motion Sensor Undercabinet Lights - battery operated - LED . I am wondering if anyone has experience or knowledge? I wonder if I will be disappointed that I will need to turn the switches on manually on each one - not that I have a big kitchen - but will probably have two or three strips.

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I've used the Ikea ones that attach to the drawer, and turn on when the drawer is moved - they work well. Haven't used toekick lighting, but I wouldn't want anything I couldn't be connected so you could turn them all on or off at once. There are long LED strips you can get that would work better.

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We are looking at the same lights. I found some good reviews on Amazon. My biggest concern would be flying through batteries.

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lindy1096 - I read somewhere that if that becomes an issue, the suggestion was to use rechargeable batteries.

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All the effluence in the world is not going to increase the power available from the 6 AA batteries.

Actual light output values (like lumens) seems to be conspicuously missing amid all the advertising puffery.

Ten time the efficiency does not make all that much light from an AA battery.

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I must add, after our 7 days without power due to Hurricane Sandy, that I LOVED these strips as a light source offering a wide span of bright light better than a beam from a flashlight. We are keeping the two packs I had purchased - even to only use during another power outage - using it hand-held!

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