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localeaterJanuary 20, 2014

7 years ago this June we moved into our house. When we looked at it I loathed the color of the MBR. Finally, I am taking action.
I am leaning toward painting the room BM Limestone. It's a post and beam home so in addition to the white trim around the three doors and two windows there are woodtones from the beams, the pumpkin pine floors, and a large triple door antique armoire. The bed has an upholstered headboard, which I will be redoing.
The image shows the Limestone paint color, some beam detail, a fabric I am considering for the headboard and the bedding I am leaning toward.
Your thoughts please. Does it work? Can you suggest a lovely, happy rug. For window treatments I would like fabric shades, any ideas on a fabric.
My concern is that the fabric for the headboard is too 'serious' for the bedding and perhaps I would be better off with a solid quilt and then just colorful pillows.
I do also like these lovely Matelasse from Pine Cone Hill
From GW Photos .
From GW Photos

From GW Photos

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We refreshed out MBR this past November.

Floors are carpeted in a dark brown and our furniture is dark wood so I wanted a complimentary wall color and solid textiles so the room didn't show current style only.

Walls - C2, Motley at 50%

Drapes, spread - white, Pottery Barn

Comforter, accent pillow - platinum, Pottery Barn

Obviously I like your middle choice for bedding. I view rugs at art underfoot and so long as a color coordinates with either walls or textiles it will most likely go well.

Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Master Bedroom

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the headboard does seem a bit formal, though it's hard to tell from the swatch, and all the bedding choices seem more lighthearted/casual.

are you more married to the headboard fabric than the printed bedding? i love the printed bedding - it's special. i think you could find a better headboard match that's just as pretty but maybe a better coordinate for your more casual bedding, but i am also not one for rules about matching. :) so if you love the headboard fabric and you love the bedding, just call it "eclectic" and it works. haha

did you want to keep the whole room in the yellow/gray pallet? or were you looking to introduce another color in the rug/shades?

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Thank you both for your responses.
fnmroberts, your MBR looks lovely. And, I know what you mean about keeping the bedding a bit neutral
maggiepie: the headboard fabric doesnt have to bring in yellow the little dots on the fabric are really a beigey wheat I think it is the bedding I should let go of, it is really too cottagey and while I like it I think I will tire of it.
I found two other options that I like, my husband prefers the fsecond, I am undecided
From GW Photos

From GW Photos

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Annie Deighnaugh

The solid goes better with the headboard than the print, but the headboard fabric looks more modern to me than the rustic style of the home....

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Are you set on that fabric for the headboard? If it were me, I think I'd go with a solid. That way your bedding options are more open, and can be changed more easily and less expensively. Unless you sew and could recover the headboard yourself.

I love the 2nd bedding in your last post. In fact, I think I'm going to use the same bedding in gray (which in real life is more brownish-gray) for my MBR remodel. But, if you're going with the patterned headboard, the 1st option looks better, IMO.

Here is my mood board I created:

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I will be making the headboard so I am open to additional fabric choices, I have that fabric in the house and I thought it was a neutral palette to build upon, but maybe not.
I dont think I would term our house rustic. It is a contemporary post and beam, the beams themselves have a rustic edge. My style is unfussy, with clean lines, I like texture.
Perhaps just a plain linen or tweedy headboard with piping detail.

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Annie Deighnaugh

My bad...from your description I was thinking rustic, but if it's more contemporary then it's fine.

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Thanks Annie. I probably should have posted pictures of the actual space but it's a little messy, :(

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