Help with old lamp shade

rubybaby43October 22, 2008

Hello! I was hoping to find some help with an old lamp shade from a floor lamp that was my mom's. I don't even know what to call it! LOL! Here's a pic of the shade...

...and the lamp...

I have looked for a shade like this but cannot find one, either in stores or online. I guess if I knew specifically what kind of shade this is called I might have better luck. I plan on painting the lamp itself black and really didn't want to use a dingy, yellowing shade.

Thanks for any input you all might have!

Kristy :)

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Take the shade to a lighting store and they can help you. If the shade is still in good shape you could try dyeing it.

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hello kristy,
i had a second hand reading light and a couple of second hand lampshades which i re-did. dunno if they'll help you get some ideas on how you can do up your lampshade :)... perhaps you needn't have to buy a new one :)
you can take a look at them in one of my post in my blog at blogspot. the link is below :)
hope it helps:) luthien

Here is a link that might be useful: pimp & paint

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I think it might be called a "downbridge" lamp but I'm not sure. I have never seen one with a shade quite like that. I would take both the lamp and the shade to a lighting store, because if you find another shade you'll want to be sure it fits the lamp.


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Check out this web page:

It looks as if it might be a halo shade of some kind. I think seagrass is correct--that is a downbridge lamp

Try searching in your area for a store that rewires and repairs old lamps. They tend to know a lot about lamps and can probably help you find a shade that will work with your lamp, or maybe even recover the frame of the existing shade. I've bought a lot of old lamps without shades from Ebay and at thrift stores and the folks at the local lamp repair store are just great at finding replacement shades for 60 year old lamps.

Here is a link that might be useful: lamp shade info

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Thanks for the suggestions! I guess I will take it in to a lighting store...I never thought of that. huh.

Luthien, I like your lamp makeovers. VERY cute!!

Thanks again!
Kristy :)

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thank you kristy :) glad you like them... come visit me often :)

"luthien" :)

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