Outside Garage Light No Longer Reliable

scarab4lifeOctober 30, 2010

The outside light over my garage has reliably come on at dusk and turned off at dawn for the last 13 years. Lately, it comes on and off sometimes. Since the light is more than 6 feet from the ground I want to know if the problem might simply be I need a new light or could there be another problem?

Thanks for your response.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I would start by just replacing the sensor.

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What sort of light is it?

If it is a discharge lamp (eg - mercury or sodium), the light will come on for a while then go off for a while before repeating the cycle again.

The solution would be to replace the bulb.

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It could be caused by any of several things.

I would eliminate the simple stuff first. Check the lamp base to be sure it has a good clean contact and is free from corrosion. I'm assuming this is mounted to the garage. I would also check the connections to the fixture. Maybe a wirenut came loose and you've got a corroded or loose connection. Oh, yeah, be sure to turn the power off.

From there I would try replacing the bulb since it may be 13 years old.

Which leaves us with the sensor. Unless it can be replaced and is cheap I would probably swap out the entire fixture. But I'm saying that not knowing what kind of fixture you have.

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