Leftover granite from Kitchen Remodel ?'s

katiee511January 22, 2009

Little bit of background: we own a 3bd/2ba 1600 sq ft custom ranch built 1982. Some of the home has been updated, but not much. We are in the planning/estimating stage of a kitchen and masterbath remodel. Our GC got our quote back to us this week and our price is about 11K over our stated budget!! Yikes.

Obviously, we can't stretch that far because we have other projects that need to be done and we would end up spending too much over the real estate value of our area.

So, I have been scouring the boards looking for ways to change what we thought we wanted for things we can actually afford and still get that new, updated look. Which brings me to my actual question :) In all my reading here I have noticed people mentioning they used the granite leftover from their kitchen to do their bath vanities !?! The thought never crossed my mind! When we went to the stone fabricators we picked our kitchen stone and then seperately picked our MB vanity marble.

So, now the remodel has to be cut drastically and I am meeting with our GC on Monday to go over the cost details (we only have a rough draft now, not very item specific) and I need to know the right way to ask about the granite that will be left over from our kitchen. We had to get two stones (even though our kitchen is rather small) and how do I ask (intelligently) what happens with the leftover? Do fabricators normally charge for just what you use or do they charge for the entire slab regardless of how much is used?

Since our MB marble (Rojo Alicante) came in at $1800 just for the top (no sink, no faucet, no undermount charge added in yet) I am seriously looking for an alternative. If there is enough leftover, how are you charged if you essentially "own" the slab anyways?

Thanks for your help explaining this to me!! Every time I think I know what I am talking about, I read another post on here and realise I really don't know much at all!! LOL

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If you bought your granite, then you own it and can do with it what you like. Typically people leave remnants at the fabricator's, which is why some people go bone-yard hunting to look for remnants to use for small projects. Fabricators in my area don't charge for the remnants, they only charge for any additional fabricating.

You were going to watch your fabricator template your granite, right? You can absolutely work with your fabricator to lay out the template in such a way as to have your bathroom counter included, assuming it's big enough for both the kitchen and the bath. You might have to live with a seam or two, but you might decide it's well worth it.

Good luck!

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We bought our slabs separately and then had another fabricator make the counters. We got our remnants back and in fact used some already. More are waiting for other projects.

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I'll add my two cents here. I've probably gone over board getting competing quotes on cabinets but I've found tremendous price differences in the same lines. In one case, it was 4-5K different. You might want to get a couple competing quotes. I got my best prices at a hardware store of all places. They sell at 50% off retail. In the end, I still may go with painting what I have augmented with a couple cabs as the price of a full remodel might be out of the question with this economy.

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Thank you so much for explaining this to me. I didn't have a clue! I know when we choose our slabs I was a little surprised after picking the kitchen stone, he said "Okay, these two will be yours" I am 5' tall and the stones were taller than me. I guess I thought it would be big enough to cut in half and both pieces used for the kitchen. Guess not. Then he pointed out some fill in areas and said "we can cut from this area so you won't have that area on your counter"

I can live with a bit of imperfection (as long as it doesn't compromise the integrity of the counter)to make sure there is enough left over to do a vanity.

Experience, please..... our price for counters, undermount SS sink and installing our faucet is $3756. Our granite is "Oyster Pearl" with an Ogee Edge. My rough estimate of our counter area is 49 sg ft. Does this sound like we are purchasing both full slabs?

I guess the smart thing to do is call the stone guy. I just don't want to sound like an idiot :) Every time I bring up another point or detail, all the subs just smile and shake their heads and say "someone's been on the internet again"

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gemini16 - we actually never considered new cabinets because we knew our budget couldn't handle it. We have custom built oak cabinets in really good shape. I just hate the darkness of them. Finally convinced DH to have them painted creamy white to open up the feel of our small kitchen. The cabinets will be done professionally (I'm too afraid to mess them up) and they are charging us $2100. We have 8 upper cabs and 7 lower cabs/drawers. Most are double door width.

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what are the lengths on your kitchen countertops?
what is your slab size?
what granite are you installing?

(you can do a cut sheet: or make them do a cut sheet right in front of you: EASY to do) then you will see what you are working with.

example: 115"x65" draw it out and see how much of your kitchen takes up the 2 slabs: 2 slabs is a kitchen over 60 sf. L shapes and unusual shaped kitchens will take up more granite. granite backsplash takes up L x 4-5" as well.
25" is the width in the kitchen. 22" is the width in the bathroom.

(in my opinion: that sounds high for your master bath: though I do not know what your sf is on that)

***They want your business! They will work with you! Be firm that you are on a budget.

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Thanks for your help petra!

I could be completely off on my counter size. Let's see if I can explain it. It's a cross between a U and an L (I know that doesn't make sense!) I have a 10"W counter then my normal slide in stove/oven then 32" to the wall. The counter takes it's turn at 7 1/2". Then this is the longest one 137" wall to wall. The side counter is 71" wall to wall, taking it's turn at 24 1/2". Kinda resembles this: ] with the small stove area at the top and the bottom length extended out for the side counter. We also have a small desk drawer area across the room which will need a 21"W x 21 1/2"D area covered.

I have no idea what size our slabs are! Guess I need to find that out.

We are installing "Oyster Pearl" from Mont Granite (mid-west, ohio area. We are in Indianapolis) Not the lowest basic granite but not exotic or high end, either. It is a high grey intensity with cream, black and brown.

No backsplash, we are tiling from counter to cabinets.

I thought the Rojo was high, also. It's not normally used (at least I never see it mentioned here) but it's not exotic either. Our vanity is old but in great shape and has a built in hamper, so we are keeping it. It is 53 1/2".

I really appreciate you taking the time to help me understand this, Thanks! I will assume from your screen name that you are in the granite business? :)

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meant to say, I THOUGHT they wanted my business. But when your rough estimate comes in 11K over budget, makes you wonder. Either I am picking all the wrong materials or dreaming too big for my small wallet! :)

Anyways, now I am scrambling to figure this all out so I can be better informed, make changes I can live with and stay on budget.

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