Do TL HE Washers Wrinkle Clothes More than FL HE Washers?

momasgenrlcontractorNovember 25, 2008

After much consideration I finally bought a FL W&D but think I should have gone with the TL HE. I'm considering paying the restocking fee to return my new Kenmore Elite HE5 W&D and the pedestals. Mostly because of their large size in my small laundry room and the distance that they need to be from the back wall (8" vs. 4" that the salesman told me). Other than that I can't get a load of wash out of the washer without dropping part of it on the floor.

I almost bought the Maytag Bravos originally and think that's what I should get now. However, I've read some complaints about TL HE washers tangling and wrinkling clothes so bad that they were still wrinkled when they came out of the dryer. So, I don't want to trade one set of problems for another and I can't keep "trying out" washer machines.

Does anyone with a TL HE have a problem with tangled and wrinkled clothes? Are these isolated cases or models? Why do you prefer your TL HE over a FL HE? Thanks for your feedback!

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I bought a Maytag Bravos w/d set in May, and I haven't had any problem at all with tangled or wrinkled clothes. I did read the manual, more than once, since this is my first HE washer and I wanted to do everything the right way. I have not had any problems whatsoever with either my washer or dryer; they do exactly what they are supposed to do.

I prefer a TL HE over a FL because I'd heard so many horror stories about FL's having mold/mildew problems, because I didn't want to have to buy pedestals in order to get them up to a workable height, and because the FL's cost more. I got my set on sale, plus got both store and manufacturer rebates.

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High speed spins = serious wrinkles. H-E-L-L-O, it's just common sense...there's no free lunch.

High speed spins do save drying energy but they do cause more wrinkling. When I had a front loader I used the slow spin speeds for everything but towels. I do not like to iron.

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I guess it depends on the fabric and/or personal taste. Our laundry is mostly cotton, and we almost never use an iron. Items spun at 1400 RPM in an FL aren't wrinkled any more than usual, by the time they come out of the dryer.

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Any HE machine spinning fast will put in wrinkles. The trick is to dry them in a cool enough dryer, with room for them to tumble feely, long enough to work the wrinkles out. Lightweight cottons may need to go in on low or no heat. Because the clothes come out of the washer so dry they dry too fast in the dryer and will be wrinkled if you either use too much heat or cram them in so they can't tumble.

My Duet Sport leaves far fewer wrinkles in the dry clothes than my old set did. And I REALLY hate to iron.

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Thanks for the responses. I understand that high speed spins will wrinkle clothes in the washer. However, I thought the complaints about wrinkled clothes in the TL HE washer had something to do with the WASH cycle not the SPIN cycle. Something do do with the fact that there is no longer a center agitator and there is very little water to wash in. Does anyone with a TL HE washer have any other feedback regarding wrinkled clothes from the washer? Thanks again for your help!

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I had a Cabrio TL HE for about a month before sending it back and replacing it with the Cabrio with agitator (non-HE). The manual said to "drop" the clothes in the washer instead of wrapping them around the walls of the basket. This is what I did and don't recall having a problem with wrinkling. That's about the only problem I didn't have :o Way WAY too little water for cleaning and rinsing. It might be the "norm" now but I'm not buying into it until I have no choice. Clothes weren't clean and they sometimes still smelled dirty :( The Cabrio 6200 that I have now has 5 water levels, one of which is "automatic" or I can set my own water level. The issue I noticed a copule of weeks ago is the warm water on some cycles is NOT warm :o It's not even luke warm. It's cool. And before you ask, my hot water heater is set to 140 and is about 18 INCHES from my washer. I even tried turning the cold water tap back some so less cold water would enter the washer. Apparently Whirlpool has a way around that too :o I pay for my water and I pay to heat it. I'd like warm and hot water when I want it please :o Next purchase, a dishwasher. Please don't tell me my dishes are washed in luke warm water :o To end on a positive note...I'm THANKFUL I have such a nice washer and have a choice of brands from which to least for now!
Happy Thanksgiving all!

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Thanks Monica, I'm starting to think that the HE's may not be the best way to go too. I think there are still many kinks to be worked out regarding clean clothes in a low water level, tangled and wrinkled clothes, and having to leave the door and soap dispenser open to avoid mold. Otherwise, they are pretty to look at. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Sue

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I too had a Cabrio HE TL and it did wrinkle clothing BADLY. I read the manual and experimented with everything I could think of. I gave it 6 long months. It did not nearly use enough water for my liking and the clothing often came out as dirty as it went in. I found that I had to set the spin speed on low and use the sheets/towels setting for all loads. This setting allowed more water which seemed stupid since I was trying to save water with this new HE technology.
Finally, I switched to a Cabrio with agitator and I am completely satisfied.
Hope this helps.

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I got a set of Kenmore Oasis (king size capacity plus) a little over a year ago. This is a top loader. I've been very happy with them. Previously had standard Whirpool washers and dryers.

I am not experiencing wrinkling problems. If there are some wrinkles, they come out in the dryer. Things that I need to hang dry, I put in the dryer for about two minutes to warm them up, the wrinkles come out, then I hang them dry no problem.

I have noticed if I wash something lightweight like a knit cotton dress, with something heavy like a big sweatshirt, that causes wrinkles. I'm assuming the big thing presses on the lighter thing during the high speed spin. Same problem with the dryer -- if you mix heavies and lights the clothes don't dry and the thing runs forever. With my old standard machines I could wash and dry things like this together, no problem; but with these you really have to separate them.

I read another post today that indicates serious "smelly" problems with top loaders

Here is a link that might be useful: Smelly clean clothes

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Oops, last sentence I meant serious smelly problems with FRONT loaders!

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Spin Speeds:

I have to agree with others on this post. You need to be cautious of your final spin speed. If you are washing items that you would rather not iron, it is best to back down the spin speed to medium or low. If the clothing can handle the spin speed and/or you don't care about wrinkling, then ramp up the spin speed for increased efficiency.

After enough trial and error, I wash most of my outerwear on the delicate cycle anyway.


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I've had the GE Harmony for about 4 years now and I wouldn't trade it for anything! It's similar to the Cabrio in that it is an HE TL without an agitator. I've never had a problem with wrinkles (I don't even own an ironing board so wrinkles would be a problem!). I do dry everything on low so maybe that has something to do with it. I would definitely recommend the Harmony if you're thinking of switching to a TL!

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Yes to what MRB said -- I also wash all my clothes on delicate.

Ebear: Kenmore also had one without the agitator and I was afraid the clothes wouldn't get clean, so didn't take that leap. Do you find that they get pushed around against *something* enough to get the dirt out as well as a machine with an agitator?

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My Maytag Bravos washer has a Wrinkle Control cycle which I use for the great majority of our nicer office and church clothes. I use the Delicates cycle for more delicate fabrics and the Hand Wash cycle for the most delicate fabrics and sweaters. I use the Medium spin with the Wrinkle Control cycle and the Slow spin with the Delicates and Hand Wash cycle.

When I wash towels and jeans/T-shirts, I use the normal wash cycles and fast spin. I haven't yet had ANY problem with wrinkling OR tangling. I have found the main way to prevent wrinkles in jeans is not to overload the machine (which is emphasized in the manual).

My washer does not have an agitator; it has an impeller. The clothes come out much cleaner than they did in my former conventional TL's.

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bigdoglover, I had the same concerns about how the clothes would get clean. Luckily Home Depot had a special one on display that had a clear lid so you could see it working. The clothes seemed to move well enough so I decided to go for it. Very glad I did. I had originally had the Kenmore HE4 on order but after using my girlfriend's for a couple of weeks I cancelled it. Talk about wrinkles!! I told my husband that for that kind of money I expected the clothes to come out of the dryer on hangers, not needing an iron!

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Because of the high spin speeds I have found the liquid Downey concentrated fabric softener is a must. If I don't use it then the clothes will wrinkle beyond belief. My washer is a FL Italian combo washer/dryer. I usually pull my shirts and slacks out before the dry cycle, shake them and then hang them to dry. They dry quickly and this saves ironing.

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