NikWax (water proofing treatment) in FL washer?

CavimumNovember 3, 2013

I haven't had to treat any of our waterproof outerwear since getting a FL washer a couple years ago. We use NikWax brand waterproof treatment.

Question #1.) Which cycle should I use? (Miele W4842)

Question #2.) I will run a Clean Machine cycle afterwards, to clear out any of the NikWax, but wonder if I should run another cycle first, with detergent, to really scrub it all out. One doesn't want residue leaving the towels waterproofed.

Experience? Suggestions? TIA

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You may want to refer to a instruction manual for a Miele washer that includes a Proofing cycle. The Supertronic has practically all the regular cycles Miele offers. The Proofing cycle is described on page 46, 48 and 52. Basically, is seems like a gentle rinse cycle with medium water level and a 1000 rpm spin.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Alex - Thank you for your reply and the link.

Unfortunately, my W4842 does not offer a Proofing cycle. We don't even have a separate Starch cycle, like the UK/Euro-sold machine you linked. I found some similar cycle patterns where I can cancel a second rinse, etc. to manually control things.

Nonetheless, your link has been very helpful. Really! First, it warns against proofing agents with paraffin (makes sense to me) so I will check with the NikWax company to make sure the particular product I plan to use is appropriate. If not, I shall apply the agent in a separate tub or bin. I don't want to ruin my machine with a wax coating!

The cycles for the USA sold Miele W3033, linked below, are the same ones available for the W4842 on pages 12 - 15.
Our manuals don't even give the very handy programme sequence chart, on page 48 in your linked manual.

Once I determine the base ingredient in the NikWax product, your linked manual will help me decide how to manually create a cycle towards a Proofing cycle.

Thank you again. :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele USA washers

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That's why I said "gentle rinse cycle". Seems like all the washer does is dilute the proofing agent and tumble the clothes in it. How much water does the Beach Towels or Rinse Only cycle use? These seem the closest to Proofing. What you could also do is add extra water through the dispenser as the machine tumbles (or just open the door and toss an extra bucket of water in there). On the European models, one can add water almost halfway up the door before the washer starts to drain it out.

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i've been wondering the same thing since we got a new FL a few months ago. There is washing machine use information at the Nikwax website, including FLs:

Front Loading Machine Wash:
1. Remove all detergent build-up from the detergent dispenser.
2. Place maximum of 2 clean garments in washing machine.
3. Use 3floz/100ml per garment.
4. Run 30oC Synthetic cycle and slow spin.

The website says their waterbased products are safe for washing machines. I haven't yet tried this.

Here is a link that might be useful: Nikwax wash-in

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I called the NikWax company today, and they told me there are no paraffin wax products in the product I want to use. Everything is water soluble and biodegradable, safe for septic tank, etc. etc. etc.

However, in talking with their Cust. Service rep, she told me that applying the product ("Cotton Proof") manually with a sponge, to my old raincoat, would be the best way to treat it and that I would like the results much better. Apparently cotton fabrics are a bit trickier to waterproof. Applying with a sponge takes the FL washer out of the equation and is how I will proceed.

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We use NikWax in our Miele - it works fine with the standard cycle.

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