GE 626- drum rubbing and not spinning after leveling?

weareborgswifeNovember 20, 2011

We have a 5.5 year old GE 6260 Front loading washer... the last couple of weeks it has gotten louder during the spin cycle, but I wasn't sure if was just my ears until my husband mentioned it today. I checked the level, and it was off, so I leveled it- in the process, on leg got a bit high and it "rocked" back and forth from corner to corner a couple of times before I got it set, got it all locked up level and set...

Started a load to see how it was going to work,and the drum won't spin at all- if you move it manually it has more front to back movement than it should and it feels like it is rubbing? What did I do? thinking the "support spring" or belt???

Is it best to check these from behind the washer?


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Just about the right time for the Bearings to fail in a Front loader.
This is a fairly common problem with front loaders due to the fact that they put pressure on bearings in a way they are not designed for.

Could also be just a belt, and could be the transmission.
Don't think you will really know unless you take the back off.

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Ok thanks... AUGH! that is what I was afraid of (bearings)...

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Well it is entirely possible it may not be that drastic.
It could very well be just a belt or something, but bearing failure is what comes to mind for me when I here that description and it is a Front Loader.

Might be a simple thing to just take out a few screws off the back and take a look, will probably be fairly apparent right away what the problem is.

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