painted wood OR purestyle laminate OR thermofoil?

arikJanuary 2, 2012

Please help me select the best type of kitchen cabinets for my about-to-be-renovated condo in Miami Beach. We are interested insimple white cabinet doors, and have seen them in painted wood, thermofoil- which i have heard is not durable and tends to peel, and Purestyle laminate- which the salesperson is recommending as more durable than thermofoil. I have not found anyone with experience with the purestyle laminate. I am somewhat concerned about the high humidity in Miami, and how this will affect the wood warping, or the laminates peeling. I have looked at some stained white wood cabinet doors, but these are quite costly. Any suggestions?

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We had white thermofoil by Merillat in our previous house. Not one problem in over 10 years, and it was a family, hardworking kitchen. It's hard to beat it for easy "cleanability".
That being said, my FIL has had terrible problems with his recently installed - yellowing a lot next to the stove.
Our house was not air conditioned for the first 6 years and the humidity didn't affect it at all.

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Most thermofoil will not yellow over time. The problem is, you can't tell which will and which will not by looking at a picture in the catalog, or even by examining a new door. I wouldn't take the chance. The clean-ability of modern cabinet paints is so close to that of thermofoil that you probably won't notice the difference. And, if you paint, and change your mind about the color in 10-15 years, you can repaint. You cannot re-thermofoil.

Anyway, just my HO.

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If the painted wood is in your budget get it. Second choice is the purestyle. The wood will hold up the best, and be the best for resale. The purestyle was created for painted doors in humid areas. It's a 5 piece mdf door that has very little movement. But most folks don't have a problem with wood doors in your area. a little expansion and contraction never hurts. The rest of the wood in your home will do it to.

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