need help! under cab lights will show - options?

babushka_catOctober 24, 2011

the cabinetmaker i hired has screwed up many things on my kitchen remodel. sadly, he is like the gift that keeps on giving. :(

the latest discovery: i provided the specs for the juno fluorescent under cab lights that my GC installs to ensure he built the recess deep enough to hide the lights. you guessed it, it is not deep enough. i have a 1" recess. from the dining room and livingroom I will see the light below. the cabs are all built and installed, nothing i can do about the cabinet construction now. trying to avoid adding trim to the bottom of my custom cabs, will not look good. juno lights not yet installed, wondering if i can find another model that is ultra thin to resolve this problem? junos are 1 1/6", this is set up as a hardwire install, the wire is hanging from the wall waiting for install.

what are my options for other ultra slim flourscent hard wired models? i was looking at the pegasus site T4s or T5's but it looked like they could not be hard wired - am i understanding that right? any other options? if i understand right ultra thin LED's are out because the wiring is already done, correct? in case this matters this is CA with strict title 24 rules, so needs to be fl or LED, cannot use any other products based on my light calculations.

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The eW profile powercore led strips from Philips can be used. They are .88 inch tall and are intended for direct wire.

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I also have wires hanging from the walls and need a very thin light. Is it correct to say these have or can have an individual on/off switch as I will not have a central lightswitch to turn them all on/off at once. (I know, not good, but that's the way it is.) And they don't need any other kinds of boxes elsewhere?

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These lights do not have individual on/off switches. If you intend to control each separately, you will need to get necessary line voltage switches and install them. The switches would most likely require individual boxes.

It might be more worthwhile to install a retrofit junction box for a central light switch and fish the necessary wire to it.

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If 1" tall fixtures are acceptable, the
Kichler LED Direct Wire Dimmable 12055 12056 12057 12058

have individual switches built in.

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thanks david. i researched the light you suggest but it looks like i need a box for them to connect to which is taller than the 0.88 light itself? does not seem like a feasible option if i read right.

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There is a switched wiring compartment box which is 0.875" in height.

The UL listed black switched wiring compartment allows direct connection of romex or fexible conduit to the eW Profile Core.

There is another wiring compartment box which is 1.125" in height which you might have seen.

Here is a link that might be useful: eW Profile PowerCore product guide

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The junction box need not be located on the cabinet underside.

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