double check my info,light 2 funky corners

mrtulinOctober 14, 2013

Been reading here for weeks, so I think I can at least formulate my questions. Thanks for the amaziing amount of information, although I understand about one third of it!

1) The lights will be hard-wired.
2) Undercabinent depth is just 1/2"inch.
Am I correct that only LEDs are suitable for that depth and also have the advantage of being cooler?

3) Please recommend a source. HD is also nearby .

4) All cabs are 11" wide.
Two 25.5 cabs are contiguous,interrupted by 1 3/4 "bar".

The other is a single 31 3/4 long (11 wide)

4): It's recommended to place the light as far forward as poss.
We were talking about xenon, and the electrician was talking about a light that fit the entire bottom of the cabinent. Even if it exists, that seems like overkill.

Q: The led would be a bar or strip, right?
Facing forward, I assume the light bar/strip still illuminates the back of the counter enough.
Q: Is a continuous light even possible with the 1.5 bar between the 25 inch cabs? If so how?

5) There are two funky corners b/c in original plan there were posts to work around. Ended up doing total demo, posts gone but poor (no) communication between GC and KD left 2cabinents minus their corner depths.
6) The first photo is a straight run cab; it just ends at the wall.
7) The next two are the corner cabinent; obviously it makes a r hand turn.
Q: How might the led strips, if that's what is used, be arranged?
I'm expecting the corners may not be able to be lit.
OR maybe those corner edges can be sawn out to allow for a light all the way into the corner

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2. Yes, LEDs will be cooler.

The typical height for direct wired Ucl ranges from .75" to 1.25". The smaller the profile, the higher the cost. There are panel lights.

None of the good options can be obtained from HD or Lowes.

Gaps in the illumination can be minimized with direct wire Ucl like UniLume where the output is sufficiently high and diffuse.

The DIY Ucl and continuation threads have more info and the question about corners is answered there. The bars have to be perpendicular to avoid shadow zones.

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We aren't doing it ourselves,but I've discovered no one working on this project is used to the odd and unpredictable features in 200 yr old houses.
.75 is bigger than the .50 under the cab, so won't the fixture show below the cab?
I can print the relevant parts of the continuation thread
And give it to the electrician.
I stll have a way to go to understanding this.

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Would it be possible to add a valence around the cabinet front?
Alternatively, panel lighting could be used.

There are a number of vendors which do custom sizes to fit the cabinet undersides.

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Thanks. I have to google someof these termns
A small peice of trim could be added. Of course I'd rather not do any more fiddling around than we've already done. I think it was environmental lites that had leds

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Any led Ucl under .5" profile is most likely low voltage.

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