I need help to understand the differences

LybanOctober 9, 2012

I am looking at lighting for my home. It has been awhile since I have needed anything so it looks like everything has changed in lighting.

I am looking at two different semi flush mount lights for my home office ceiling.

One says it takes Halogen E12 25watts

the other one takes LED E26 8.5 watts

This is where I am confused which of the above two gives off more light.

Also is there a site I can go to that gibes wattage light comparisons?

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Claiming no expertise in this, I have observed that the light output of LEDs is about 6 times the output of incandescents, watt for watt. If my observation is correct, a 7 watt LED yields about the same light as does a 40 watt incandescent. Halogens are special types of incandescents that are slightly more efficient.
My guess is that the 8.5 LED will be about 50 watt equivalent.

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The efficiency of LEDs really varies from ~ 20 lumens per watt to 100+ (top of the line is > 200) lumens per watt depending on the emitter used and the emitted light color.

The best E26 base LED bulb (L prize) has an efficiency of ~90 lumens per watt.

The new way of comparing lighting is to look at the output (sometimes given in lumens, candela ...) instead of the power rating.

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Thanks to both of you for replies.
I will try and search for lumens

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Check the CRI, Color Rendering Index too. The higher number the better for good quality light for tasks that require that. (For example, sorting black socks from navy blue.) The halogen will have a good CRI. LEDs and fluorescents are all over the place. Color temperature is important to some as well, 3000 and 4100 are more yellow-orange. 5000 is like daylight. Above 5000 will be blue skylight.

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