New LG HE top loader washer using too much water?

quinnkNovember 17, 2012

From what I gather after reading many posts on the forum I have something of an unusual question. After much research (including on this forum) we decided on a new LG WT5170HW top loader and matching dryer from Best Buy, which we received yesterday. We washed 2 loads yesterday and 1 today and everything has been absolutely perfect, including the final results, except for the water level question. I haven't read much of anything on the actual water level down from the top of the tub from other members with different types of loads and cycles, so I'm not sure whether our experience is normal for the new LG washer or not.

First load was mixed towels and some washcloths on towel cycle, half full or less on standard settings with extra rinse and soak. Second load was mixed colored clothes (shirts, blouses, and ladies capris) on Perm Press Casual, also half full or less standard settings with extra rinse and soak. Third load was 2 queen sheets and 6 pillow cases again on towels with standard settings with extra rinse and soak. None were weighed, but I would guess all were definitely no more than 6 lbs or less.

All loads were regular load or less dropped loose, and water fill on every load was 4 holes down from top, about 3.5 inches down or so. Watching each time on fill, clothes were floating and water looked more than adequate well before it quit filling. No complaints at all and washing action and results were great, but after reading a lot on this type machine it seems the water level on what we've done so far was noticeably more than actually needed.

Next load tomorrow will be on normal with just standard settings and 5 lbs of sweats and around the house shirts just to see if the fill is less on the supposedly most water stingy cycle. From what I gather the water fill should be considerably less than what we've experience.

Does this match more or less any of the experiences on anyone else's similar LG washers, or would it seem there is a very unusual problem on our new washer? We may know more after the normal load tomorrow, but would very interested in getting some opinions or experiences.

Thanks! Quinn

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So that's two loads on Towels cycle and one on Perm Press Casual. Both of those cycles cycles may intentionally fill to a higher level. Suggest running subsequent loads on Normal and/or other cycles (as appropriate for the loads) for comparison. Normal should be the stingiest, as it's the basis for EnergyStar ratings.

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Thanks for your response dadoes. I think that's correct on those two cycles, perm press casual and towels. I know more now than I did on the original post. Tried a normal cycle standard settings with 5 lbs of around the house sweats and shirts and it didn't quite cover the clothes. Looked more like what's been described by others about not enough water, but clothes came out great.

Then tried another perm press casual cycle with standard settings extra rinse like yesterday, only with 8 lbs of jeans, sport shirts and sweats(about 1/2 full drum or so), and it filled to the same spot as yesterday with a light load around 5 lbs, about 3.5 inches down from top of tub (bottom of 4th down hole). Was probably 3 to 4 inches above the clothes final fill (added water 2 or 3 times). More than enough water on both loads, particularly smaller load.

From the way our WT5170HW is working, it seems the water level on towels and perm press casual fills up to about 3.5 inches down on at least 5 to 8 lb loads (maybe less on smaller loads and some more on large loads but don't know yet). Had nice vigorous wash action on both size loads and clothes came out great. Using liquid HE Tide White+Brite, little borax, Oxiclean or Chlorox2, and vinegar. Will know more about water fill on other cycles later.

Checked some water temps w/instant read digital Thermopen. Water heater set at 135 deg, cold tap water at 64. With no clothes in tub and low default water fill, warm at 98 and hot at 124(all inlet water, no heater, higher fill with clothes may be different), cold (not tap cold) after fill with clothes 80�. No sink in washroom, but hot water started getting pretty hot on hand in 10 - 15 seconds on old washer if hot water run in kitchen for a bit.

So far we're very pleased with everything concerning the new washer (and dryer), great results with clothes, hot water available in machine (haven't tried Sanitize or Brite White w/heater), well balanced wash and spin, etc.

Thanks... Quinn

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Cold temp above is supposed to be 80 deg, don't know what happened on that... Quinn

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I have the exact same washer, it is 2yrs old now and it leaked water all over my foor yesterday so Im calling for repairs today. Not any ofthe hoses and such. All your water levels are as they should be. This washer uses more water than a Samsung TL or cabrio/bravos. Wait till you do a bulky cycle, it will fill all the way up usually with some blankets in it.Your wash temps are all correct on this washer too, cold is very cold on this machine, even when you dont select the cold wash cycle button. all temps are thumbed down.

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Gates; I was reading where the Samsung TL TOL HE machine is a big water user.
Bedding 57.2 gal
Towels 72.4 gal
Active wear 56.6 gal
Normal 22 gal

So the Normal was the less but the others seem way high for an HE machine. Does your LG use that much? I would be glad that clothes have enough water to move and get clean, but some of these seem more than regular washers used to use-although the HE tubs are much larger.

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I ve used my brothers samsung HE and it uses a lot less than mine, same for the one my parents have, more fugal. Not sure where those numbers came from but thats more water than a convention top loader. I considering mine a cross beteen a conventional washer and a true HE one

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I've read some numbers here. I think their test load is eight pounds for most cycles.

Samsung Top Loader

GE Harmony (LG Clone)

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Considering that it's only my wife and I and we don't do that many washing loads, we're very satisfied so far that the LG will meet our needs and expectations (won't know how it holds up until later). With the different cycles available and the ability to modify them to a reasonable extent, we can always pretty much match water level to something that works well on any load we would wash. On the cycles that have a high default fill we will just add enough clothes to match. No more loads than we do, the water usage is not that important to us, and we prefer the choice of using a cycle (and/or the water plus selection) that will use enough water for great results, but use very little water when it's appropriate.

On the water temps, we're perfectly satisfied as well. Machine cold (not tap cold which is about 62 deg right now) 80-82 deg is fine, well above detergent performance level. Warm around 102 deg tested after fill with clothes) is fine also, and having 120-124 deg hot water available on hot without using the heater (still haven't tested on sanitize or bright whites with heater available) seems unexpectedly good on an HE washer with a hot water heater setting of 135 deg.

Don't know what the future holds, but everything considered, at this point we couldn't be more pleased with both washer and dryer (particularly after reading many HE experiences folks have had). It definitely pays to learn the 'ways of operation' of your particular machine. I'm not sure though, after observing a few wash cycles, our washer even knows what it's doing half the time... but it seems to work out well.

Thanks... Quinn

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Gates, Alex: That is where I got my info from washer/dryer info.(Alex Link)

Agree that is a LOT of water.

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Ive been please with my waveforce washer cleaning too, jsut not the leak that has occurred in it. It is suppose to be fixed next monday. I know the bright white temperature has gone to over 120, sanitatize in the low 140 range, not like the literature said when I bought it to 160

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Would be nice to have sanitize at least 150, but haven't used that yet and don't know what we have. I agree that a leak after 2 yrs is not good, hopefully that's not a norm. We had no idea what we were getting into when we started washer and dryer shopping, having had a Maytag set that also started leaking on the washer... but after 22 yrs. Found a whole different world out there. I gather the norm now is more like expected lifespan of 8-10 yrs, higher initial cost, and considerably more complexity along with likely more problems.

Even the traditional TLs 'aint what they used to be', other than maybe Speed Queen, which is not available anywhere close to us and are pretty expensive (our first set many yrs ago was a Speed Queen). At least if you get a HE machine with a glass lid you get a show if you want to watch a cycle, and listening to it is pretty interesting... even gives you a little mental challenge trying to figure out why the heck it's doing what it's doing some of the time.


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Gates why was it leaking and what repairs were made?

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I suppose this is why nobody wants to list the actual temperatures in the owner's manual. Cause then they have to live up to it. On the other hand, you can put your hand in it and say yep that's hot, then that is good enough for their legal department...


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The water pump was leaking on my waveforce. When I called for service I told them it was the water pump so they could order one ASAP. The repair guy came out a week later, and confirmed that it was the drain pump and he had to order it becaue they do not carry any Korean parts on thier trucks at all. It took 3 days for the pump to get to my house and he was suppose to put it in 4 days later, so I did it instead. No I did not voi my warranty when I did this either, in fact the man told me if I wanted to put it in, that it would not hurt his feelings at all. The hardest part was getting the old hose off the bottom of the drum since it had sealer on it. By the time I got it off, I could speak 5 languages fluently let me tell you. I used a radiator clamp on it, instead of the spring clamps that came with it as they did not have much tension to them, it I knew it would come off. It is up and running now, and I did find a nickle in the old pump...thats not good at all, it amazes me how they get through the drum and into the pump

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